Dollar Tree Shop NEW FINDS

Dollar Tree Shop NEW FINDS

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29 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Shop NEW FINDS

  1. Saludos desde Chile me gustan mucho los Dollar

  2. Oh my you have a lot left there. I was at three this weekend in AZ and they are wiped clean.

  3. I was at my DT this evening and it looked like a bomb went off. Your store is very neat. I never saw the Star Wars fans at mine either. ☹️

  4. Love watching your video. Can you create another ASMR crinkling video?

  5. YOU have the BEST Dollar Tree ever!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I loved your walk through. I appreciate you taking your time in sharing all the goodies you have there. I am not so lucky to have so much in my stores. Mine is just small as can be compared to yours. One thing they have done in all of our stores now is took one aisle and made it a craft aisle. All the craft paints and wooden things are in that aisle. You had a lot of things in your one place, but some of the things we have were in different places in your store. They have put stencils and numbers and letters you scratch off on to items all in one place. No mesh or anything is in there. All the wooden cut outs and that kind of thing. Like your had the glue etc. Thank you for showing all this fun stuff you have.

  6. The South puts gravy on everything 😄

  7. I guess you guys in Canada get things we dont, I dont remember the Baileys candy.

  8. ours doesnt have half what your showing, u think they send samething to every store

  9. Thanks for another great walkthrough! I saw a lot of great things I hope to find!

  10. Thank you for your wonderful videos

  11. I can't get over all the things that are still there! Especially the arts/ crafts wood ornaments and signs! Wish my store looked like this one. It's so nice and stocked with everything!

  12. Oh i love the black lemon dish towel😍🍋

  13. I only know what poutine is because I moved here. Otherwise I was clueless. The Dollar Tree's you frequent always seem to have items I need/want. BTW…those Happy Swing things…oh my…I finally tried the hazelnut and the coconut ones and they are delicious…so thank you for that. 💖🌹

  14. This was extraaaa tingly today!!!!

  15. where is this dollar tree so nicely organised n great collection please do let me I m a student n my budget r very low need to info foe much needed shopping thank you in advance..

  16. This Dollar tree is so nice , I also want to make a video from my Dollar Tree 🥰 🥰🥰 lot of love

  17. Great walk thru Vanessa, please ignore the haters.

  18. li2

    Great video thank you Vanessa

  19. Yes, but they are pointless, it’s just a walk through .

  20. Get some gloves at the DT:) you mentioned needing them and it being cold. I'm from central NY and I buy them in bulk as I tend to lose them 🙂 love your videos and seeing what's new at DT

  21. Thank you Vanessa. I LOL at the kitchen towel that said "Don't flip out" !!! I need that towel in my life ; ) Have a great weekend

  22. Thanks for another great walk thru. Our stores are stripped. I've never seen them this empty thi far from Christmas!! I guess that shows a good economy. Xoco

  23. Your mKe up section is way better then my DT stores are

  24. I can't get over your Canadian Dollar Tree's…they are AMAZING!

  25. Everything's you are showing is really nice.i love Dollar Tree.TFS

  26. Not sure what the point of this video was, you don’t give any ideas like all the other diyres . You barely talk , you just go through & touch the item , weird.

  27. Poutine = French fries covered with gravy… I live in the USA, relatives in Toronto. But I live across the river from Windsor Ontario.🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. 🇨🇦neighbors

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