Dollar Tree Retail Store Arbitrage VS Digital Ad Arbitrage – Easy Way To Profit Online

Dollar Tree Retail Store Arbitrage VS Digital Ad Arbitrage – Easy Way To Profit Online

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in this video marcus talks about retail arbitrage like wallmart and dollar tree and how digital ad arbitrage is better.

make sure you create good ads that focus on the user and follow all terms and conditions of any ads or sponsored links you run.

remember results are not typical implied or guaranteed… marcus has been doing this for almost 20 years now.

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8 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Retail Store Arbitrage VS Digital Ad Arbitrage – Easy Way To Profit Online

  1. for those confused about this process i put up a blog post explaining more details and you can get the notes at

  2. this was poorly explained. i've gotta agree with the other comments made here. how do we make any money sending people from our simple site to a search engine that has sponsored search results?

  3. I'm also confused, as one of the other commenters Ryan Finchum posted below. Like Ryan asked, how do you make money off the visitor when your simple site takes them to a search engine's search results as shown in this video? How do you make money by sending someone from your simple site to a search engine's results that contains sponsored listings?

  4. I watched your video twice..I guess I'm not seeing how you are monetizing the FB user.. He sees the ad, clicks on it and goes to your "simple website" which then sends him to a Google search? Where are you making money in this scenario? I'm missing something, I know.. Would you mind clarifying?

  5. Marcus, I can't wait to take your courses, the government is trying to put me in jail? right now! I'm using the " public defender attorney until I fire them, cant' being making money now! I'm going to win and sue the "F" out of them! I'm going to "F them big time? how using your affiliate marking techniques? I going to show everyone who got a red light camera ticket how to sue them! " corruption czar"

  6. Too much information too fast to stick!

  7. Sir I have been watching Your Videos for sometime now. Been on the fence whether to purchase your programs. I am an old school Marine Corps Veteran 58 yrs of age. Currently drive an 18 wheeler cross country. LOVE what I do but know I cant do this forever. My dream is to leave this job within a few years and have my own online business or businesses. So that I can sit back in my recliner, hammock etc and earn a good income. Would be pleased with $70 k a year or more from online . I do realize this wont happen over night. I am prepared to put in the work, learn all the online terms etc to be successful. Pretending for a moment that you are talking with an unknowledgeable young man who knows zero about anything online what program or course that you have that I can purchase to kick start my way to being successful with this? Also if I ever get stuck and have questions do you have the means that would allow me to reach out for answers. At times I need things " dumbed " down to an elementary level for me to grasp it. Sir if you feel your programs / courses can assist me I look forward to becoming one of your Success Stories. Thank You for your time. Semper Fi "Mac" the trucker.

  8. So which "lesser-known" search engines encourage digital arbitrage??! DuckDuckGo?! Yahoo? Bing??

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