Dollar Tree MRE OVER 4,000 CALORIES!

Dollar Tree MRE OVER 4,000 CALORIES!

Great Taking some inspiration from the comment section, I headed over to a local Dollar Tree with a $10 budget to see what I could stuff in my standard little MRE box. I honestly fit more in there than I thought I could! This little Meal Ready To Eat, isn’t 100% ready, but it definitely can be used as an emergency ration and is easy to store and has a decent shelf life. Not bad for a DIY kit for less than $10!

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6 thoughts on “Dollar Tree MRE OVER 4,000 CALORIES!

  1. Another good box Brother. Agree you could prob stretch to 48 hrs. Plus you have to he start to a second 24/48 home MRE. You need to start sving condiments you get at fast food joints and deff if you go to Bojangles stock up on condiments on way out lol 😎

  2. . Great video. …All good stuff except IMO the "Luncheon Loaf". I ate half a can and that's all I could take…

  3. Hmmm not a bad idea. Not a big fan of that lunch loaf 🤣😂

  4. Totally not a diet MRE haha

  5. Yo cop talks. Thanks for putting this together. I like your box Idea. Like you said you can put alot in that size. Very easy to store to. Keep safe and have a great day Sir.

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