DOLLAR TREE HAUL!! NEW HALLOWEEN ITEMS! Septemer 4, 2019 | LeighsHome

DOLLAR TREE HAUL!! NEW HALLOWEEN ITEMS! Septemer 4, 2019 | LeighsHome

Awesome Hey guys! I found some really fun new items at our local Dollar Tree stores! Check it out and let me know what you think!

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36 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE HAUL!! NEW HALLOWEEN ITEMS! Septemer 4, 2019 | LeighsHome

  1. I love the Fall items, an the avocado pouches, so cute👍

  2. Hey! Loved your haul! I have those same strawberry stickers!! Absolutely love them! The eyeball headband is cute lol, thanks for sharing!! 🍓💕🤗

  3. ❣️❣️❣️❣️🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

  4. I hauled the strawberry/furry animals stickers so maybe me?? also bought two of the metal rulers…love me some Grover and he is a HARD one to find for sure, thanks for the shout out and awesome buys!!! XO from Texas <3

  5. Happy early birthday. I like the spider rings. Nicer than what I last gave out to trick-or-treaters.

  6. I haven’t seen the laser stickers hauled yet! Love them!!

  7. Awesome DT haul, thanks for sharing😍. I will also be 52 next week on Friday the 13th😁. Yay for Virgos😃Happy early Birthday to you🎂🎁🎉🎈

  8. Omg I love the avocado bags! I’ve been looking for them 😍 great video

  9. I love the Muppets. My sister was born in 1973 (me 1960 ) She called me Cookie monster, dad Oscar the Grouch, mom Bert and she was Ernie. I got a Grover, Cookie monster and got my dad Oscar. I love Grover too.

  10. Are you going to put the pig in front of the towel that says eat ham ?

  11. Love all those Halloween items those thanksgiving towels are cute and love the molds❤️👍❤️

  12. I thought it was your Birthday month. Great haul as always Leigh have a good day

  13. I'm in shock😱 really I had to stop video for a few seconds I know it sounds silly but the strawberry🍓🍓🍓 stickers are everything that's me in a nutshell I buy or try to buy everything that is strawberry related but now I'm sad☹️ cause my store will never get these

  14. My wife uses Halloween ice trays to fill with chocolate candy molds

  15. Oh just read it sorry happy birthday

  16. Nice haul you can use spider rings as wine glass charms

  17. Are there any dragonflies in your stickers?

  18. My dollar tree yesterday didn't have any of this stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  19. You were wondering what the little brown things are on the pumpkin pie recipe towel, they’re slices of pumpkin pie without the whipped cream. 😃 Love your haul videos.

  20. What do you do with your stickers? I love to collect them but want to use them. Thanks for the haul! Happy early Birthday! 🎉🎂🎊

  21. Love that spell book and those avocado cosmetic bag

  22. Love those stickers. You don’t see many with turtles. Wish they would make some for turtles like they do other animals.

  23. I need that metal ruler & need/want those pouches!!!

  24. Those spell boxes are very cute and great idea to use it for someone who likes Harry Potter ❤️ thanks hun for sharing ❤️

  25. Enjoyed your video…your channel is a lot of fun for me because I can't usually get the items you show. Thank you, have a fabulous day, Leigh!

  26. Nice finds. ❣️
    Thanks so much for sharing ☺️

  27. Good haul. Love the stickers and hope I find some of those in my DT!

  28. Oh gosh those stickers are sooo cute! And the towels haven’t seen any of those

  29. I am here Hunty!
    I love the intro!!

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