Dollar Tree Haul + DIY + Ideas Something Scary Happened / Aug 2

Dollar Tree Haul + DIY + Ideas Something Scary Happened / Aug 2

Awesome Come With Me To a PHENOMENAL Dollar Tree + 1/ NEW FINDS/ Aug 1:


Come With Me To °~2~° Wonderful Dollar Trees💕 AMAZING NEW ITEMS:

Jennifer mowan 15645
fort wayne, Indiana 46885

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25 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul + DIY + Ideas Something Scary Happened / Aug 2

  1. I'm glad that your daughter is ok. Great haul as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I'm so happy no one got hurt and that your daughter is ok!!! Prayers for healing emotionally and to find the man who did this! God had His Arms around everyone! What a mighty God we serve!

  3. I am very glad your daughter is ok

  4. I am so sorry that happened to your daughter I am so glad that everything turned out OK There are two things we do in my family first when we talk on the phone to each other when we are done we always say so long instead of good bye because good bye is forever And the next thing to me speaks volumes You never know if your talking to the person you love for the last time

  5. Iam so sorry this happened to your family.

  6. Awesome haul.
    So glad ur gurl wasn't harmed ( or anyone at the bank!)
    Very scary!

  7. Oh my goodness 🙁
    I can't even imagine how how terrifying that would have been for all of you to go through.
    So glad no one was hurt. Hope all of the employees and families aren't left too traumatized xx

  8. i am so sorrythat happened to you glad your daughter is ok!! ove yur haul

  9. How scary for you and all the bank employees. Your daughter is very brave to have lived through that robbery. Hug your family tight. Hugs from Cincinnati- Terri

  10. I know that feeling Jen I'm very glad your daughter is okayy, hugs&prayers to u eN your faMily 💟💞💗💟💞💗…

  11. That's so cute your turkey story eN the noise to go wit it even cuter 😆…those are kool how u painted the wooden tiNgs… I like it …. 🦃🍁🍂🎃…

  12. Thank god she’s ok!!! Sending hugs

  13. So glad your daughter and everyone else there are ok.

  14. Thank you for sharing….glad your daughter is ok. Blessings to you and your family. 🧡💛

  15. Bless your heart! Prayers for you all and for peace and comfort

  16. Those signs are perfect for wreaths

  17. Awww sweetie what a frightening thing to go through 😱 so glad your daughter is ok ☺. Awful experience to go through for her and everyone involved. I do hope she will recover from this ( and yourself and family) very soon with all my love 😘😘😘 Keep smiling xxxxxx

  18. Thank GOD your daughter is OK. Josie barking thru the side of the door is like she was telling the squirrel if they open the door I'm going to get you.

  19. Prayers for peace and comfort! God is in control! Love your video!

  20. I am so glad that your daughter and co-workers are ok! When your a parent, their is NOTHING worse than worrying about the safety of your children. KEEP SMILING!!🙂😙❤

  21. Can’t even imagine Jenny! So glad no one was hurt. And like you said always tell your love ones you love them. Like today in El Paso…… innocent people died , and all they did was go to Walmart! Such a scary world we live in

  22. OMG! I am so sorry that happened to you guys. Thank God it ended well. Just goes to show a person never knows what will be next. We live in a very scary world today. Guess that is why I always say I love you to my family before I hang up the phone or when they leave.

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