DOLLAR TREE GIFT IDEAS $10 AND UNDER AND AWESOME!! || Dollar Tree Christmas 2019

DOLLAR TREE GIFT IDEAS $10 AND UNDER AND AWESOME!! || Dollar Tree Christmas 2019

Super These Dollar Tree gift ideas $10 and under and awesome… Are my specialty!😍 Every year I challenge myself to find 3 Dollar Tree Christmas DIY that are $10 or less, and that your recipient ACTUALLY wants to receive– And this year is no different!πŸŽ„ In this video I’m featuring a Build-A-Snowman gift basket β›„, a Snowman Cookie Jar πŸͺ, and a White Christmas gift basket ❄️! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below and don’t forget to grab your FREE printables in the links provided! I hope you enjoy these Dollar Tree gift basket ideas, just as much as I enjoyed making them! ☺
-Katie, Everything Mom

***How To Tie Bow***

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38 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE GIFT IDEAS $10 AND UNDER AND AWESOME!! || Dollar Tree Christmas 2019

  1. πŸŽ„If you're loving these $10 gift ideas–You've got to check out my Christmas playlist! There are even more Dollar Tree gift ideas PLUS even more fun Christmas ideas! Click here:

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  2. Snowman Present
    1. $10 βœ…
    2. Someone to give it toβœ…
    3. Snow

  3. The coal candy taste great! I'm so picky and I loved it. Kinda like Nestle Crunch

  4. Great gifts .love them all .but not sure if I would use shredding.

  5. Your ideas are great, but it would be nice if you would slow down on the speed of your voice and take a little more time to describe how you nicely chose the items that you used. I enjoy your videos, just take a little more time (slowly) with some of your instructions as well. Great ideas though. Loved the make up box that you made by gluing the small mirrored squares together.

  6. Katie, don’t do video on fast forward girl

  7. Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing, God Bless You.

  8. Well I subscribed after your first gift idea. Absolutely love! ❀️

  9. Love the Build a Snowman kit!! So fun!

  10. Love the video… but why not record over your head… hard to view all the dets from the side view angle…or prop camera/phone… on a box above your work area

  11. I love all 3 creations but the jar is just adorable. I have to say, they are very original ideas. And I really like the way you recorded them.

  12. More great gift basket ideas. Very nice. Thank you.

  13. joy

    i love these great job

  14. These gifts are so well thought out and look so expensive. Thank you for the ideas! 🌸

  15. Sooo cute! All awesome, I would love to receive the White Christmas one. Tfs! I’m subscribing!! I love everything DollarTree! I just put up a DT Haul the other day and would love to invite you over! 😁❀️ I love to share with other fellow Dollar Tree addicts! 🀣lol

  16. Love your ideas!! Just subscribed!

  17. Surer cute ideas. Ty of sharing

  18. U should have used double sided mounting tape to put the kid on the back

  19. Now, that's adorbs! Loving the glass jar with all the goodies inside…best things are the homemade ones πŸŒΈπŸ’–

  20. Hello :)! I just uploaded my own 50 gift ideas video, And it would mean the world to me if you checked it out! Thank you so much, Merry christmas and i hope everyone has an amazing week!!

  21. I'm glad you decided to make another video this year. It's fun to see how with some creativity you can create thoughtful and fun gifts for family and friends. πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

  22. For baking one I might tweak… chocolate chip cookies I usually don't use cookie cutters or spatula on those type of cookies Do you give just like that or wrap ?

  23. Loved it absolutely beautiful gifts

  24. Great idea, sometimes I use a Xmas stocking and put under the tree. And put a πŸŽ… hat for him to fill. What are the buttons for?

  25. You made some GR8 gifts!
    Love it. TFS πŸ’šβ€πŸ’š

  26. I've been trying to think of good gifts for teachers that won't break the bank, these are perfect! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas

  27. Nice unique gift ideas, thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi. I just came across your video. I absolutely love these ideas! They are so cute & unique! I'm subscribing & hitting the notification button too. So glad I saw this. Jen

  29. Love all of these ideas! Tfs hugs Renee new subbie

  30. These are very sweet, unique and well thought out! Nice job.

  31. I love these ideas sweetie!!!❀️❀️

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