Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY Decor | $1 Farmhouse Decor | 4 Dollar Tree Budget Friendly DIYs

Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY Decor | $1 Farmhouse Decor | 4 Dollar Tree Budget Friendly DIYs

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What You’ll Need:
2 Succulents
Cheers Decor Sign
Spanish Moss

Mason jar Lemonade Sign
Waverly Chalk Paint (White and Elephant)

Pie Pan
Waverly Chalk Paint (White
Waverly Wax (Antique)

3 Wooden Houses
Waverly Chalk Paint (White)
Waverly Wax (Antique)

Pottery Barn banker box knockoff


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31 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY Decor | $1 Farmhouse Decor | 4 Dollar Tree Budget Friendly DIYs

  1. Lovely idea, especially the paint effect. TFS. xxx

  2. Cute♡♡♡ I did a home sweet home DIY with the houses to sell and the same day I posted them they sold.

  3. Way cute ideas, would love to find these houses but been trying to stay away from DT hadnt been in months and went a few days ago,so and $60 🙁 I have a DT problem .. TFS xoxox

  4. Sanding metal lightly will help the spray paint adhere and prevent peeling.

  5. You can see the brown edges. Should’ve painted them. Cute project

  6. Very cute DIY's and I love that they are inexpensive!

  7. Não entendo nada do que ela fala, ms amo assistir 😂😍💗

  8. Hey Kristen! New to your channel- love it! Just saw those wooden houses and wondered what you would use it for?!? Gotta love Sharpies. Number boxes are cute. I love the succulent box!!! Hope we support each other!💕

  9. Great crafts! Just a request… can you put time stamps in your description box? That way those of us who are here for the crafts can just fast forward. Thank you!

  10. These are so cute!! I love Dollar Tree diy’s! I’ll have to go check out my dollars tree again soon! Great video!

  11. Love them all Kristin! Will be making them forsure! So cute, tyfs…see ya next time 😊 Natalie 🌷

  12. I have a BUNCH of ideas for the little houses! Yours turned out so cute! Love them!

  13. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Tuesday

  14. Great ideas 👍 so cute thanks for sharing have a wonderful week and a great night

  15. Girl!! these are adorable!!

  16. I absolutely love all of your DIY's. You are the person I go to for DIY's. You're amazing at them. Thanks for sharing and making my life so much easier with them.

  17. Paint the little houses like a barn ❤️
    Or you could add some wood to make two of them to look like a barn ❤️❤️

  18. Such cute ideas, love them all.

  19. I like those little houses….going to get them for some Christmas DIY's

  20. I really like your channel and the DIYs that you make. I understand that sponsors help immensely financially. But, I don't like that your videos are turning in to infomercials.

  21. Connect the letters so it doesn’t look stenciled! Love them all!

  22. I love how easy you make it look. I’ve been seeing numbers on things at Hobby Lobby. What do they mean? They are cute. My husband said they barracks number or prison buildings. He’s nuts. Thanks for the video.

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