Dollar Tree Fall DIY | Fabric Covered Pumpkins | Budget Friendly Tips

Dollar Tree Fall DIY  |  Fabric Covered Pumpkins  |  Budget Friendly Tips

Superb Per request, I am showing you how to make DIY Fabric Wrapped Dollar Tree Pumpkins. I will also share 2 budget friendly decorating tips.

Tutorial starts at 6:11

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36 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Fall DIY | Fabric Covered Pumpkins | Budget Friendly Tips

  1. "D" – pumpkins and flowers (but not so many big flowers)

  2. Natural box, just like you have here with flowers.
    I like the way you have it.

  3. Pumpkins and flowers!! Grey on the boxes! Great idea with the foam board!

  4. Love the pumpkins and sunflowers I vote grey with whitewash. Love love this table

  5. I think it will look pretty when you're all done! I think you should put a little greenery, like lambs ear, etc. with the pumpkins instead of the flowers. Not sure about the boxes, maybe not too dark, maybe painted and distressed.

  6. Love the first pumpkin you did💕

  7. Really pretty. I’ve debated using the foam pumpkins now after watching this I’m gonna give it a try. Tfs

  8. I like the pumpkins with the sunflowers.. I choose D also… I would love more videos like this!! 💚💛

  9. I love your pumpkin! And your mod podge one too.

  10. Dark stain boxes with the flowers and bit of greenery. C or D light fixture, though I am stuck between choosing between those 2 for my dining room, too.

  11. Wow! Your table is going to be beautiful. I vote for pumpkins only… (but the flowers are pretty too, so either way will look great. )
    For fixtures, I vote for either b or d. But whichever you choose will look great.
    Good tips, thanks. =)
    Those are beautiful fabric pumpkins.

  12. I’m loving the sunflowers and I vote “D” they all look nice, however. Hope you show off whatever you decide you have a beautiful home very inspiring. Love your channel. Keep up the great work. Ty.

  13. I love these! And I have a few pumpkins I spray painted that I don’t like so this will be perfect!! Tomorrow’s project!! ❤️

  14. Love the pumpkins, so pretty. Thank you for sharing, and now I'm going to subscribe to your channel so I don't miss anything….lol.

  15. Will you be making more of these pumpkins this year? It would be helpful to see the ones you do with segments. 🙂

  16. Pumpkins and flowers. Either top left or bottomed left for the chandeliers

  17. Love the boxes. I really think the pumpkin with the sunflowers best,


  18. Do you like that glue gun. Love your pumpkins thank you for sharing

  19. Hi Courtney! You & Measure & Mix just popped up in my feed this morning with these fall pumpkins from last year! I had seen Jessica's but not yours! I Love pumpkins!! These are GreaT!!! There are a couple I definitely want to do soon!! Love your boxes! I always love pumpkins with florals & Sunflowers are one of my all time favorites🌻. Which light fixture did you choose? I liked C or D. This is late but Thanks for sharing💘🍁

  20. Sun flowers and pumpkins. Option C on the chandelier. U r awesome 🙂

  21. I love the pumpkins with 🌻

  22. C or D for the lanterns and I think the sunflowers would look great with the pumpkins…it will be beautiful and I hope u show us when ur finished….tfs

  23. C for the light looks country style

  24. Just rewatched this! I can’t wait to make these!!!

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