Dollar Tree DIYs | EASY Boho Home Decor | 2020

Dollar Tree DIYs | EASY Boho Home Decor | 2020

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Hello Everyone welcome back !!! In today’s video I will be converting a Dollar Tree Summer hat into 3 different beautiful home decor pieces … I hope you enjoyed this video … xoxo Maria ❤️

Materials –

Dollar Tree:
1 Summer Hat , 1 Plastic Bucket , 1 Stove Cover Burner , Jute String, Nautical Rope , Mask

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30 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIYs | EASY Boho Home Decor | 2020

  1. Hey, Maria! This is such a fantastic idea with those hats! I loved your projects. They turned out so beautiful.
    I’m so happy to see you in front of the camera. You look beautiful! Happy Monday my sweet friend. Hugs and blessings to you.
    Have a beautiful day sweetie!🥰❤️❤️🌻🌻🌻

  2. How big is a bucket it looks a lot bigger when you have as a planter planter did you do something

  3. Man! Didn’t realize how useful these hats were for DIY’s! Next time I see them I need to grab a few! They turned out great!

  4. Loved all of your projects.the first one was my favorite!

  5. Love it ..the DIY's and the music = perfect summer vibes 👏👍❤

  6. I'd definitely call it boho, but regardless, the idea that you did all that with a floppy hat is just awesome! Thank you for sharing 😊

  7. These r so them nicely done..tyfs♡

  8. Hi again Maria. Once again pretty and creative crafts. I absolutely love these too. Have a 🌞 day

  9. Hey Maria 🤗 great ideas and all three very pretty 👍 TFS Happy Wednesday to you 🌸 stay safe and God Bless your family

  10. My favorite is the planter. I actually bought two of the hats today.

  11. Hey Maria! These diys turned out super pretty! What a great idea with the summer hat! Love all of them but my favourite was the believe sign!💕💕

  12. Si awesome, I would have never thought of taking apart a hat

  13. Good idea with the summer hat! So talented! Love them 😍

  14. Just loved this vídeo!! So creative!! Thanks for sharing… Gabby <3

  15. I saw this diy idea in " the event of karem". But your project are nice too.

  16. They are all nice. I'd call it nautical. It's great to see things reused!

  17. Looks like I’m going to have to make a trip to DT to get some hats!🎩 🎩 These all turned out so pretty! You could even paint some stripes around them! They could go with farmhouse, boho or even nautical! I love them!! Any decor!!

  18. Hi Maria, next time when you do handles on a pot try gluing them on first and then wrapping them with whatever you're using to hide the ends and also make him a little sturdier all your project turned out very beautiful today thank you for sharing. 💕💕💕💕

  19. That’s amazing how you transformed this DT hat into 3 projects! I love the first one! I should try it sometime!! You look so stunning by the way 😊

  20. So cute!! Your eye make up is gorgeous!!!!

  21. I really enjoyed this, very upbeat and fun!

  22. Such a great idea ❤️❤️love them

  23. Really great job. Love them. 🇱🇷💕🥰

  24. I like the way these turned. Now I have to go and rip a beach hat apart, 😂
    Thanks for sharing and keep safe 😊

  25. That one hat went a long way! Great ideas, I love the final project, what a great pleasure. Thanks for the inspiration! ❤️

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