Dollar Tree DIY / Skull with Gems / Halloween DIY / Part 4 of 10

Dollar Tree DIY / Skull with Gems / Halloween DIY / Part 4 of 10

Wonderful I will be posting a new Gold & White (Dollar Tree) Fall/Halloween DIY each day. Here is Day 4 of 10.
I hope you enjoy.

Here is the Fall – O – Ween Playlist :

1 Skull (Dollar Tree)
Gold Diamond Wrap (Dollar Tree)
Pearl Stickers (Dollar Tree)
Gems Stickers (Dollar Tree)
Pearls assorted size (Michaels)
White Chalk Paint (Walmart)
Wax (Walmart)
Box Cutter
Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks


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Sound Effect: Welcome Logo 58595176 by valentinlanskoy
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Music: TipToes by: Myuu
From: YouTube Audio Library

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28 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY / Skull with Gems / Halloween DIY / Part 4 of 10

  1. Gorgeous honey just beautiful

  2. OK, I saw you paint that strip of gold gems white…and then… WHERE DID THEY GO????!!!

  3. You are very good at what u do. Please do more Halloween decorations. From scary to gory to pretty, glittery lights. I cant wait to see what u can make from the dollar tree. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜

  4. I Love It… creepily cute. A skeleton with ATTITUDE! Thanks for sharing. Tina

  5. The way you upcycled that skull…shear genius. It doesn't look nearly as scary and ominous. Blinged out skull, I'm all for it!!!!

  6. Karem, Karem, Karem! Your creativity takes us all on a magic carpet Ride into your limitless imagination and skill. I can tell you, I follow a lot of Crafters, but you, lady, are the Queen. Thank youπŸ€—

  7. Very spooktacular! πŸ’€Thanks for sharing your skull diy! 😊

  8. My sister from another Mister how freakin cool is that!😁 now I have to run back to dollar tree and I live in the boonies. Just picked up the stuff tonight for the skeletons chains and owl. Keep your genius creative juices flowin and I will keep making the long haul to dollar tree 😚 thanks for sharing. Be well my friend

  9. Loving these.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
    You go girl. πŸ‘

  10. This a great series. A friend was excited to see the owl…my favorite, so far.

  11. No words to Express my admiration for your talent even my 7 years grandson won't stop talking about your diys he loves the owl too πŸ’–thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas

  12. That is wayyyyyyy to darn cute.

  13. I've always loved your DIY'S. Especially the Halloween ones !! So Awesome!!!πŸŽƒπŸ’―

  14. Your white & gold series, bringing Halloween to a whole new level, classy!

  15. This series is AMAZING! You take this inexpensive items and turn it into something most of us would pay good money for.

  16. Absolutely awesome! This definitely my favorite off to the DT to get all the supplies! Did you get the beads from Michaels?

  17. I am loving all of these gold and white Halloween decorations! Your stuff is so unique.

  18. Yay!! Been waiting for this one! My favorite!

  19. ….better and better! You are the clever one to keep your voice and face part of the mystique. The music which is outstanding speaks volumes as your hands create wonders from so little.

  20. Just awesome. I can't pick which one I like best. Thanks for sharing.

  21. We so need a live stream chat or vlog one day here on yt! You are so talented and would love to see you tell us about yourself and how you come up with your inspirations and even your bloopers!

  22. My favorite (so far). Does she have a name?

  23. Both spooky and cuteπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ‘»

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