Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Lantern

Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Lantern

New Dollar Tree DIY Lantern for 2019! Dolllar Tree DIY home decor lanterns that can be used to decorate any room. I would call these DIY Coastal Farmhouse, but they can fit any style home decor.



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45 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Lantern

  1. Where does the gel glue come from?

  2. I like these a lot, and your paint job looks very good! Thanks 👍😊

  3. why not put the skewers on the inside

  4. Omg! These are amazing! I will be making these. Thank you for this video.

  5. OMG!!!! I really love this idea, i been looking for something cheap but high end looking definely im going to try it for my wedding

    One question about the tumbling tower i found them but they very small, i though they were the same size as regular jenga

    Thank you for share 💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Looks amazing!! I have all the stuff here at home so I’m doing this today. Thanks!

  7. All the items she used is atleast 25 dollars if you dont have any of them…let's say you do have stain and chalk paint it was a little less than 10 dollars….no need to do all this IKEA sells lanters for 10 dollars

  8. Love ❤️ your version of the DT lanterns! Your diy decor is always a notch above!

  9. Awesome
    wow 🤗🌸🌼❤️

  10. Gorgeous! I really want to try this. Thank you.

  11. Your paint technique/treatment is so effective~

  12. I have made this lantern, only painted it black, love it! the best dollar tree lantern I've seen! Going to make 2 more for my coastal porch decor! thank you for your talent and sharing. Love your channel.

  13. You should visit woodprix if you would like to make it by yourself I think.

  14. I made these! My mom loves them!

  15. I can't wait to make these! Love them!

  16. Ok Um I totes can’t wait to see this one!!!! Gonna binge watch you today! I must try one of these soon! 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  17. Wow, that is so easy, and it does look great.

  18. Every single time you blow my mind! This is your thing girl!

  19. Jave you ever used Saltwash finish or did a DIY version with paint any kind, wayer, plaster of paris and table salt. It's very easy and makes a fablous coastal finish or you can make like like cement or concrete.

  20. I got inspired by your video and made one! Turned out so pretty! Thanks for the idea!

  21. I would love to see more burlap and twine DIYs. They're so cute

  22. Thank you for the awesome idea! I however live in Italy and won't be able to find the same supplies,but no matter. I know what I need and what to do 😍

  23. These ARE so amazing! May I add… you’re so amazing! I FINALLY FOUND A lantern that is just gorgeous! You’ve out done yourself! Again and again! Thanks M!

  24. Wow wow wow!! Looks like you bought these at a high end store. Absolutely amazing. My daughter’s wedding is in June 2021 and we decided these would be the centerpieces. We’re so excited we may start buying stuff and giving it a go. I’ll take pics for you, if I remember. TFS your creativity.

  25. I'm going to use this idea to make outdoor cloche for my seedlings to keep my cats out of the soil. I'm adding a top,
    but this is cute & affordable. I think it will work. 🤔

  26. Just now watching this… I love the look of these lanterns over most of the diys I've seen. The only things I'd do differently is putting the skewer on the inside and using grey instead of brown.

  27. I am so happy I found your video!! Ive been planning my wedding on a budget and I love this as a centerpiece idea!! Thank you so much!💕💕

  28. Fabulous idea! Saw something very similar in Hobby Lobby today…$13.99 for a small one!

  29. I've been wanting lanterns so that's something I cant wait to make now. They came out looking great!

  30. i love this video & craft! i’m going to make these for my wedding centerpieces! what kind of greenery is in the smaller one? that’s kinda the look i’m going for!

  31. Beautiful dear! Love your videos!! ☺

  32. What size are the shadow boxes? The large ones or the small

  33. How tf does someone come up with this?!?! So cute!! I wish I was that creative!!

  34. This is awesome. My husband is a carpenter so lucky for me he brings home lots of scrap wood. So I can make some free. But I love this so I can have as inspiration. 😊😊

  35. Am in love with them as well 👍👍

  36. I’m totally gonna make these. In fact I’m gonna bring my supplies to work and do them on my down time 😂

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