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  1. Love it 😍 1 st I sub you from my personal account 👍 now I sub you from my channel account 💖 with press Bell icon 💖
    Stay safe and stay connected ✌️

  2. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing your video, please stay connected

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  4. Nice idea. Loved it❣️❤️

  5. Amiga… 🙋 Que reutilizar.cosas.viejas y darle una nueva vida… Un besazo… 😍😘

  6. very very cute wall decor❤👍😍❤👍

  7. very creative! i like watching your channel
    keep up the good work friend 😀

  8. wow I love this idea very much ❤️👌😍

  9. Fully watched the video. You’re so talented ❤️❤️

  10. Hello friend is beautifull 👍🏻🤗

  11. Such a clever way of using a rope. Loved the lime decoration too👏🏻💗💗

  12. very nice and it looks easy to do I like that, cool video 🙂

  13. 100 liks waoow
    Nice sharing thanks

  14. 麻紐を使うのが良いアイディアですね✨

  15. Hei nice work dear a big surpprt for your tallent

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  19. Hi wow I’m like it made me watched full two time 👍🤝❤️

  20. Wow another amazing diy with jute rope. Enjoyed watching this video.

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  24. Bacana muito bom excelente vídeo parabéns 😘👏👏

  25. Привет! Все гениальное просто! Отличный элемент домашнего декора получился!💐

  26. cute and simple diy dear nice like it stay connected

  27. Leman slices, I will feel love to paint it 😋😍🍋

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