Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Decor / Part 10 of 10

Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Decor / Part 10 of 10

Awesome Here is my last DIY video for the Gold & White theme. I will be posting a lot more fall and Halloween DIYs in the coming days. Stay tuned…. Here is Day 10 of 10.
I hope you enjoy.

Here is the Fall – O – Ween Playlist :

Supplies: Feather Decor
Square Frame (Dollar Tree)
1 Boa (Dollar Tree)
Spider *optional (Dollar Tree)
Picture Hanging Kit (Dollar Tree)
Chain (Dollar Tree)
Brilliant Gold Spray paint (Home Depot, Lowes etc.)
Glue w/ Glue Sticks
White Chalk Paint (Lowes, Michaels, Walmart)

Supplies: Skeleton Hands
Skeleton Hands (Dollar Tree)
Gloves (Dollar Tree)
Protective Goggles (Dollar Tree)
White Chalk Paint (Walmart)
Brilliant Gold Spray Paint (Lowes, Home Depot)
Acrylic containers (Dollar Tree)


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Music: TipToes by: Myuu
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41 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Decor / Part 10 of 10

  1. In the event with karem great video the Halloween stuff is amazing I love it all I love Halloween

  2. I absolutely love this entire series everything is beautiful!

  3. I was able to pop the hand and glass apart, no breakage, using a table knife.

  4. Beautiful just beautiful. I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  5. More great Halloween DIYs! TFS! 👻💛

  6. White on white background is hard to see.
    You are creative.

  7. Where did you get the tea lights

  8. Ok, my family’s been teasing me on “ how spooky” my blings pinkish, silver skull is, just they wait until I add more of the bling! Haha!! Love these creations!! Xoxo thank you!!

  9. Love it, but a darker background would have been better so we could see better while you were making these! Thank u tho!

  10. You’re truly amazing! The way your mind works out of this world. I really enjoyed every minute the skull is my favorite! Looking forward to see what you come up with next. TFS 👻☠️👏

  11. Love what you did with the hand – breaking it off the plastic glass! They have little Halloween ceramic hands that th.g at are candle holders. Look kinda boring. I wanted to creep out or do something with – maybe you can put your creative genius to it?

  12. I've enjoyed this series a lot…. and am looking forward to the other fall and Hallowe'en videos coming up. =)
    The projects in this video are great. =)
    I especially love the skeleton hands holding things. =)

  13. Loved the entire series!!! Gold & white Halloween 4 ever 🙂

  14. I love Halloween and keep some of it out year round. I’ve really enjoyed this series. I dismembered a small skeleton and glued his bits back together to look like he’ was desperately trying to escape his fate. He’s locked inside a metal cloche. He needs some details done, but looks great. See her inspiring you are? 🎃💀👻

  15. Bravo! This series has been both inspiring as well as intriguing. I have looked forward to every day’s posting and yet dreaded the day when the final post was listed. During that last project I enjoyed the Frankenstein effect you created by using the white-on-white laboratory backdrop with the appearance of the “scalpel” during the gluing process. Thanks for the ride to Halloween.

  16. The feather and spider frame is my favorite.


  18. I agree with others! BEST YOU TUBE SERIES EVER! You are brilliant! Please do one for Christmas/Winter!

  19. I really love the gold & white Halloween decor! You are so creative it blows my mind. I love your out of the box thinking ❤ Much love to you Karem -Megan

  20. I knew I wasn't the only one that thought those champagne glasses would look amazing as just hands.

  21. Another AWESOME project ❤️
    You are truly amazing 😍

  22. Best work I have seen yet. A definite talent and creativity!

  23. Perhaps put a black background under your white crafts?

    Very difficult to see when everything is white on white.

  24. Wow!! is all I can say you are very talented I love this series.

  25. Love your ideas. I'm not sure why they say its hard to see white on white, maybe their screen is too bright, I saw everything just fine. This is nice/take on Halloween decor.

  26. You’re art is amazing and so are you.
    I’ll be watching for your new video.
    Thank you! 👻

  27. Please next time not white on white. It REALLY is difficult to see what exactly you're doing. Thank you in advance. Your work is fantastic!

  28. Love your work, but dangit its hard to see white on white.

  29. Karem, This has been the best series ever, please don’t let it end!
    Your Ideas are so originally creative!!! MORE Please💀!

  30. I enjoyed all your gold and white projects. You are very talented

  31. Those hands make perfectly ghoulish battery candle holders!!

  32. Y pull the feathers off? Y not just glue the feather boa on whole? ❤️the hand glasses. Gonna def make them.

  33. Oh no, last one! Maybe one more?

  34. I must go get some hand glasses. Would have never thought of ripping the wine glass part out.

    Love all the white and gold! 💖 Thank you for sharing.

  35. I love watching your videos! You are so creative…….

  36. 10 out of 10 on the white & gold series💖💖💖

  37. Just a tip: Maybe don't work against a white background next time. (frame, feather boa.) 😕….Love the skull hands as candle holders!! 😎❤❤

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