Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor on a Budget

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor on a Budget

DIY Dollar Tree 2019 farmhouse & nautical coastal budget home decor. Easy Dollar Tree DIY home decor that can be used year around. DIY Dollar Tree room decor on a budget.


✔Large Wreath -DT
✔4 Bouquet Flowers -DT
✔2 Tweedia flowers -DT
✔Letter Stickers -DT
✔Mod Podge -DT
✔Twine -DT
✔Craft sticks (10.5in Walmart)
✔Acrylic Paint (Burnt Umber)

✔Tag Sign -DT
✔White paint
✔Twine -DT
✔1 Bouquet Flower -DT
✔1 Tweedia Flower -DT

✔2 Candlesticks -DT
✔1 Craft container -DT
✔3 Rope (9.5ft) -DT
✔Foam or cardboard
✔*OPTIONAL* lid for bottom

✔ 2 Candlesticks -DT
✔ 2 Ropes (9.5ft) -DT
✔ Foam or Cardboard
✔ *OPTIONAL* lid for bottom


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26 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor on a Budget

  1. $2 Thrifted Canvas & DOLLAR TREE items to make Room Decor➡️

  2. I'm a new subscriber and find your projects to be better than any others I've seen as far as creativity and quality. There's just one little thing that makes me twitch – if you realized how much people have to pay for canvas, you would be looking for ways to use that instead of ripping it off and tossing it. While it may not be high in quality ( I have no idea) it might still be used as hinges, or even just to strengthen the back of something. I'll be moving into a house again for the first time after years in a tiny apartment, and can't wait to start making your projects come to life around the place!

  3. Wow! A candle holder I can make that my cat can't break, of course, he actually might see it as new scratching post 🙁.. 🤗❤️✌️

  4. I couldn’t find the stackable pill organizers for the large candles. DT said they are not offering them at this time. So I searched around for a substitute and found some tall plastic shot glasses in the wedding department. Works very well. Thought you would appreciate the info.

  5. Absolutely LOVE the name of your channel 😍😍♥️

  6. Megan you are amazing!!! Iv'e watched quite a few or your videos…and love all that you do!! You always seem so casual like oh anyone can do this lmao! I just love your personality too!

  7. You are a hoot! Not only do you have great ideas and talent, your narrating gives me the chuckles. You have such a fun, carefree attitude.

  8. You are by far the best dollar store crafter…your ideas are the best

  9. Enjoy all you do! Very creative!💕👏🏼🌹

  10. Love the wreath in the frame looks awesome

  11. I will be making the candlesticks for sure. Thanks for the awesome ideas

  12. Do you use a certain kind of glue for your glue gun for outside summer and winter weather? Loved your videos. Tfs.😀

  13. Megan
    Did you make the clock that was beside your candlesticks? If you did is there a video?

  14. Where did you find that H est 2012 image?

  15. Those candle sticks are super cute!

  16. K

    I am so glad I found your channel you have awesome original ideas that look high end and that you don't see anywhere else! Alot of dollar tree diy channels make things that look cheap and tacky but everything you make looks like you could find it at home goods or Hobby Lobby. Absolutely loving them all binge watching your Channel today.

  17. Megan…(hope I spelled it right) girl you are my totally favorite DIYer. I absolutely love your videos 😍you really explain things the way that we talk and you explain it while you're doing it. So far my stuff has turned out really awesome and I also get compliments on my decor. Keep up the good work! I'm working on a large hula hoop wreath for the main wall in my future living room. I don't subscribe to many things on YouTube but your channel is that good. 😊 I'm a subscriber!

  18. the colorful round thingies are pill holders for the week.

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