Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Decor 2020

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Decor 2020

Hi everyone! Today we are doing 3 easy Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIYs. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them !
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46 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Decor 2020

  1. Loved all the projects!! Do you use a varnish on your painted glass? Mine always chip!!

  2. Love the basket and mason jars. Really screams farmhouse

  3. I got the ones from Dollar General there so cute and small.

  4. I love these!! Going to give them a try!

  5. You do wonderful.crafts but you talk too fast and. Do not explain
    What’s going on. Where did
    Find the round tray you put
    Your vases on? Want to try
    Your crafts but you’ve lost
    Me on detail

  6. I love all of them, so, so pretty. Thanks for sharing your creative projects.

  7. Olá! Estou encantado o seu trabalho. Amei! !!! Bjus

  8. Great job .could you just speak a little louder my volume was on high and you still were a little hard to hear. Sorry I'm aged and as time goes so does your hearing. Tfs

  9. Lindos projetos .amei. Pode subescre o meu canal obrigada

  10. I’m new here I loved the first project. I would like to know were can I purchase the basket for the mason jars!?!

  11. Sorry but they are not that cute

  12. What inspiration and beautiful ideas I love these

  13. How would you do a farm house book shelve..?? Love your ideas thanks for sharing

  14. Love love love them all . New subbie here

  15. where do you get those rub-on transfers? I love all of these!

  16. I love this ♥️thx for the ideas 😃

  17. Great video, new subscriber here, thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  18. For dimension with the lavenders ad babys breath or wheat plants

  19. I just hope I can find these items at dollar tree! I definitely want to make them!

  20. I use the very inexpensive beaded necklaces to put around the edge much easier. Paint them after you put them on with spray paint. Fast

  21. Thank you for not explaining so much and showing more how to do this craft project

  22. Nice!! New sub.. 🤗❤️✌️

  23. Might have been easier to glue the beads on FIRST, then spray paint the while thing???

  24. I am doing a chopped DIY challenge on March 21. Open playlist to all crafters, Have a friend or family member pick 5 items out of your crafting supply's and put them in a box. Your pantry that you can use ( just like the chopped TV show) is your hot glue gun, paint and ribbon, but you must use all 5 items in the box. It will be an open playlist for all who want to participate. I think it will be fun it you would like to participate.

  25. Love your videos new to your channel

  26. 造花だと、水やらなくていいから、綺麗なまま。便利です。

  27. Just subbed. So creative—and I'm wearing the ring on your thumb! My nieces gave all of the ladies in our family one for Christmas so we all wear them!!😉

  28. New subscriber here ! Loving your channel. Your DIYS are really awesome 👏 enjoyed very much thank you for sharing

  29. Hi, Josy, just found you… subbed. I love your style and channel… if you ever want to collab with me just let me know. 😊 Talk to you soon, friend.

  30. Super adorable projects!! ❤️ them all!!

  31. The jars are super cute! Gonna add to my kitchen craft to do list immediately!

  32. Genius for the bead spray paint set up! First I’ve seen that!

  33. Someone likes a lot of flower deco lol. Nice job ty for the video.

  34. Very nice! I like the jars in the basket!

  35. Beautiful—can’t wait to try these diys

  36. I love the rub on transfers but I have never seen them at dollar tree.

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