Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Chandelier [2020]

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Chandelier [2020]

Awesome Today’s video is a Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Chandelier!

This costs less than $18.00! To make it more sturdy use a staple gun to connect the stir sticks to the frames or add supports on the inside using popsicle sticks.

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27 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Chandelier [2020]

  1. I love this ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Great DIYs! I love all of them. But are you guys actually using these DIYs in your home? I only ask because you guys use hot glue and that's not always a permanent hold…

  3. I wonder how many cut out canvas sheets you've put in the bin..? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Hey, love this DIY! I was wondering about the battery in the light. The chandelier looks so good and with all the work that went into it, can you change the batteries? It seems like a waste if the bottom of the light is glued to the wooden piece in the bowl. Thanks!

  5. U can get those same lights that are motion instead of clicking it on amazon comes in a packet cheap

  6. Just found your channel. Love this it looks high dollar💵 I'm going to check out some of your other videos. Thanks for sharing might have to try this😍💓

  7. We broke, but we still fancy

  8. You guys are doing a great job . Keep going all the best.

  9. Just found this channel! I have to say this was so different from the usual dollar tree videos I’ve seen! It came out looking so good! Looks wicked expensive! Can’t wait to check out ALL your videos! Got my notifications on! Good luck,you will have millions of subs soon! ❤️

  10. I love this diy! I just found your channel and you guys are really talented! I love that both of you work together. It's so refreshing to see a guy crafter since majority of crafters are manly women. I would love to see some more videos for fall and Chrstmas!

  11. This one is beautiful! I started watching it earlier and had to go do something for one of my kiddos and got sidetracked. This looks like something from a very high end store! I have a feeling this channel is going to be a big hit! Have either of you had a channel before, or is this the first time? If you don’t mind my asking of course. 😊💜

  12. Hi what size are the canvases?

  13. I love this. My only question is, you're having to press the puck light each time you turn the light on, right? Is that weakening anything?

  14. This is fabulous! You two are incredibly talented! Love it!!!

  15. Wow just wow this is so freakin cool! I will definitely attempt this! Just subscribed to your channel, can’t wait to see more awesome diy’s.

  16. Great job love it! 💖 I had no idea this DIY was your DIY lol I am the owner of Dollar Tree Craftaholics on Facebook🙂 I pinned your DIY to the top of the page last night😄 LOVE LOVE LOVE 💕 IT 🤗

  17. Just found you as well! Thank you! It’s awesome!

  18. Found you through the diy Facebook page, you have earned a new sub.

  19. Awesome! I have paint sticks and yard sticks and wood glue from Home Depot that I could use and get the rest from Dollar Tree.

  20. New subscriber! Saw your post in one of my FB groups. This is amazing, can't wait to make some; thanks for sharing!!

  21. Is this for real????? Next girls night in craft idea!! Thanks for the great craft videos!

  22. This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing, gotta make this wkend. Have a blessed wkend

  23. I need this in my life 😲😲😲 Love it babe 😘❤ keep up the great work ❤❤❤ from your fellow youtuber 😘

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