Dollar Tree DIY (Easy Tumblr Room Decor) for under $10!

Dollar Tree DIY (Easy Tumblr Room Decor) for under $10!

Super DIY Dollar Tree Room Decor!!

Everything used in the DIY’s can be found at Dollar Tree for under $10, you may be able to find most items at similar dollar stores as well!

Dollar Store Haul Supply List:
1. Small glass cup or vase
2. Bag of decorative white rocks (1)
3. 1 Succulent Plant
4. 1 Small Chalkboard
5. 3.5×5 Gold Picture Frame
6. 1 Tall Glass Cylinder Vase
7. 1 Pack of Temporary Tattoos
8. 1 Pack of Black Sand
9. 1 White Pillar Candle

Additional Supplies Needed: (all can be found at most Dollar Tree stores too!)
-Wire Cutters
-Glue Gun

I Waited 4 U – Odesza Remix

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39 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY (Easy Tumblr Room Decor) for under $10!

  1. Absolutely LOVE your Dollar Tree videos!!!!!

  2. What aisle would the tattoo stickers be in?

  3. Music drives me nuts…but….love the creative ideas, especially the chalkboard frame. New subbie. Look forward to your other work!!

  4. The chalk board…… great ideal

  5. Did you not have to paint with chalk paint to be able to write on it

  6. Love it, I'll have to try the tattoo stickers!

  7. I like it,very pretty frame for messages.

  8. Love the look of the glass with the tattoos, and the black sand makes it so elegant. I will try these.

  9. Wow, love ALL your videos. Great ideas, and you show every detail of instruction. You are gifted!🤗 Thank you. Cathy


  11. Love it …Especially the tattoo stickers on that glass 👌🏽 ..
    New subbie

  12. Where is your little candle lighter from?! So cute!

  13. my life saver for my dorm decor this fall… thank you😊😊

  14. New sub! Where'd you get the small chalkboard and the marker? Your vids are amazing!!

  15. Gracias por compartir sus ideas

  16. Hola te felicito por ser tan creativa

  17. where did u get the gold basket?


  19. Wow, I never thought to use the tattoo stickers!

  20. Very nice and creative! Love the song too and was wondering who is it by? Tfs! new subby!

  21. great video! can you tell us what's the gold treatment on that wall behind your displays? thanks!!

  22. great digs! so simple & nice

  23. Hey, these are some great ideas. Tfs 🤓

  24. So easy yet classy pieces. Thank you!

  25. Hello I am new and I was just stopping by because I love your fun little ideas and I will see if I can find the stuff to like I like the vase that's that's pretty cool so I'll be trying this stuff so I'll see you later

  26. girl, you're a god damned genius!

  27. New subbie! A friend shared this video with me, loved all of your ideas!! Very creative!

  28. super cute and so creative……… subscriber………looking forward ti more of your diy's…………………thanks for sharing.

  29. Very nice.. I just subscribed to your channel too

  30. Hi my friends thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Ideas and I am really loved loved loved it and God bless

  31. your a beautiful young lady sweetie and I'm really enjoying your videos, I love your ideas and try to be crafty myself 🎨take care and God bless🌸

  32. Girrll!! You are too cute! I just love this!!

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