DOLLAR TREE DIY Coastal Home Decor Crafts | Nautical Beach Decor

DOLLAR TREE DIY Coastal Home Decor Crafts | Nautical Beach Decor

Sharing NEW Dollar Tree DIY Coastal home decor pieces. These are perfect for beachy nautical decor these and they’re made using all dollar tree materials!

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Dollar Tree DIY Beach Decor video mentioned

DOLLAR TREE DIY Beachy Nautical Decor


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22 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE DIY Coastal Home Decor Crafts | Nautical Beach Decor

  1. Hey besties! The mini saw is linked but it’s sold out at the moment. The other vendors are selling it waaay too high so hopefully they’re back in stock soon! ❤️

  2. 🥰💕💕love all of them!!! Great job once again.👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Love your videos be cause they are cute and super easy👏👏👏

  4. Chef John…from Food…the old tappa tappa

  5. Loved the last one with the dowels. Looked great. Thanks for the idea. Love the nautical stuff year round

  6. Love these! Already recreated the mirror and waiting on my paint to dry to finish up the candleholder project!

  7. I made the nautical wheel mirror.. Thank you for sharing with us.. I tried to add a picture tip show you but I'm not sure how to do it… 😥

  8. Made the pineapples just love the also made your coastal wreath just loved it 💕

  9. Jay I love a candle little room,it's so soft &relaxing. I'm loving your candlelight holders.I vapour essential oil for health &use candles to relax.Healh issues. I've not got an email address as I'm not good at computers &I want to be able to buy things over the computer. Oh congrats about being pregnant from Julie Freeman Australia

  10. I liked the thing that you put the candle in

  11. Hope you are feeling better love your DIY s today love from Ireland xxx

  12. I am havi g trouble finding the pineapples and candles are they from dollar tee?

  13. I LOVE the last one. I'm thinking of trying it but instead of a candle adding water and a small fish. What do you think?

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