Dollar Tree DIY Coastal Beach Decor 🌊 Nautical Decor

Dollar Tree DIY Coastal Beach Decor 🌊 Nautical Decor

Today’s video is a Dollar tree DIY Coastal Beach Decor 2019. I hope you enjoy this dollar tree Nautical Wall art decor. Dollar tree room decor

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50 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Coastal Beach Decor 🌊 Nautical Decor

  1. Love beach deco. My house is on the beach in Melbourne and I have a beach boho vibe. Now I know what to do with all my shells. Would love to see driftwood art too.

  2. Don't do the scandals, safety hazards

  3. Such cute ideas, Liz!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!!!

  4. I will doing for my living room

  5. Definitely recommend hot glueing the rope around the jars instead of laying it near the candle , less dangerous

  6. All adorable!!! I love your ideas!!

  7. My DT never has any of these items. I can't even find the rope 🙁 paid so much more at Walmart.

  8. I really liked the small jars that you painted with the acrylic paint. I'm going to use this! Thanks for great idea!

  9. I like the framed seashells best, but every idea was great👏💜

  10. This is just great! I am an ocean lover, wanting to have an ocean themed room and I searched up DIY OCEON ROOM DECOR and I watched hundreds of vids. When I found this one, it just blew me away! Everything is great and I love it! I am working on the candles right now and they are looking so cool! Thank you so much ❤️

  11. I liked the sea shell pictures. But really, all of your items were great!

  12. I'm loving all of your ideas. I'm planning o change some of my bathrooms to a new look. Thanks so much.

  13. What is the paint color on the wall behind you? It looks like SW stardew but I’m probably wrong.

  14. My daughter loved these DIYs!

  15. Love these Liz they are beautiful and yes the pictures look high and for sure I think I may try all of them🤗🦋🌸

  16. Love them! All are my fav lol. I may even make all of them. I have a beach decor in bathroom and bedroom. I even have fish tanks in the bedroom lol. Thanks! For video.

  17. Yes I love and decorate my place with a beachy sea theme. New sub! 😊👍 my favorite is the bucket with seahorse!

  18. LOVE the frames and shells the best! Beautiful job! Take care and be safe ❤

  19. I love them all thank you for the ideas

  20. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing! 😊

  21. I love all of them can’t wait to do these for my shark themed bathroom love it thank you 🙏

  22. I love your personality! Your smile is litterly everything. 😂💙 I've been getting really into ocean themed things and been looking for ideas to decorate my room with, and this video is EXACTLY what I was looking for. 😀 Awesome video! 🤗💙

  23. Love the projects. We moved to Florida 6 years ago. We still maintain a midwest decor, except for two rooms. I am decorating them in the Floridian theme. Will definitely make these projects for the rooms. Thank you again for sharing your creativity and teaching gifts.

  24. Love them all,please do more!

  25. Can you tell me the name of the paint color behinds you
    I really appreciated

  26. Loved the framed art and sea horse trash can you made!!!! My master bedroom & bath are beach themed.

  27. Loved this! I’m craving coastal
    Farmhouse right now. It’s not easy to find, so thank you for the great ideas. More please!

  28. I’m sounding like an old mom. I am by the way watch those candles I don’t want to see your lovely home on the news

  29. Love the candles! Should they be left as is, or would you light/burn them?

  30. I see everyone had the same concern about the candles. Very cute but Id use battery.

  31. Loved them all, if I need to choose, it was the bucket with the seahorse ❤️ Please do another video!

  32. I think they are nice but would use battery candles so I can light them.

  33. Love these👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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