Dollar Tree DIY | Beach Decor Ideas | Coastal Farmhouse

Dollar Tree DIY | Beach Decor Ideas | Coastal Farmhouse

In this video, I’m showing you how I created 4 beach themed DIY decor pieces from the Dollar Tree. I’ll be decorating my master bathroom in this theme soon enough, so please subscribe to see the updates.

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37 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY | Beach Decor Ideas | Coastal Farmhouse

  1. DIY queen! I am attempting my first DIY and some nervous it will turn out bad 😫.

  2. Girl! Your handwriting is just gorgeous! I also love the way you white-washed that board! All GREAT Ideas! XO

  3. These are amazing Erin!
    Our back patio is beach themed and I needed aome ideas. I will use the shell idea gor sure!
    You have a nice handwrite, I will have to use stencils haha!
    Great job, really! 👍🏼😃

  4. I absolutely love them all. You did a great job. ❤️😊

  5. I like all the projects. I have a beach themed bathroom, too. Just a thought about the navy paint that you wanted, but didn’t have, if you had black paint on hand, you could have mixed that with the blue until you got your desired shade. A tip that I wish I had thought of for a project I had years ago, but didn’t think of then. I actually like the blue that you used. Your lettering is very nice. 😊👍🏻⚓️

  6. Wash rags are what we call them also. I loved all these DIYs!

  7. I love your handwriting! Each of these projects are so cute!

  8. I recently just started watching your channel and had to subscribe to it! I absolutely love the beach bum/beauty signs…so stink'in cute!!

  9. These are so cute! I love them all! Those beach bum and Beauty signs are adorable though! I think they are my fav! 💕💕💕

  10. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  11. 💜 everything! Your handwriting is amazing😊

  12. I LOVE the blue shell! The writing is so pretty , and it just all came together beautifully 😊💜 i have wondered what I could do with those door hanger signs, couldn’t think of anything so didn’t buy them. They still have plenty so I think I will pick some !

  13. I love the closet signs and it's definitely a cute way to determine whose closest is whose

  14. Wow!
    I love love love your creativeness! Great job everything looks so fresh and welcoming. I can almost smell the sea and feel the breeze…awesome. I love your closet sign idea that adds to the whimsy I think a sign for the toilet room is a cute idea…what word are you thinking of using…I thought "the head" would be cute since it's more of a sea man's term staying with the nautical theme (thow it does sound rough) or even "the loo" would be cute but whatever you use I know will be so cute thanks for sharing have a great day

  15. Beautiful beach pieces! Also thank you for the soft music and time lapse filming!

  16. Love these…..Super cool…….TFS

  17. Love all of these! Your handwriting is amazing! Beautiful 😎😍

  18. Your projects never cease to amaze me! I think the signs for your closets were my favorite!

  19. Thank you for this video I’m doing the same

  20. Beautiful love how you did these.

  21. This is one of my favorite videos of yours!! So genius to use those ugly door handles as signs! I hope you show them on your closets in a future video or in IG!!!

  22. Love the beach decor. Great ideas, My granddaughter surfs and competes. I am going to make a sigh using the Dollar Tree surf board for her will s err nd pic when I finish thanks great diy

  23. Love these Erin! I hope you share the finished updates when you’re done. Thanks for sharing. ~HUGS~

  24. Love the beach decor! Thank you for sharing

  25. Love your handwriting! Your so creative

  26. Really fun ideas! I'm running to Dollar tree! ♡

  27. I love your beach decor!😁👍
    Nice diy on the bucket. Your hand writing is amazing.

  28. Love that you call them “wash rags”, Erin! We grew up using that term, as well.

    God Bless! 😇

  29. Very nice 👍 I m not really into the beach theme but you make me want to decorate that way ❤️ cuz you do such beautiful work. Keep these awesome diys coming please.

  30. So beautiful Erin! I love them all! The shell might be my favourite..if I had to choose hehe

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