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20 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY/ 5 Minute Crafts/ Farmhouse Decor

  1. What did you do to the edges of pie sign@?? Did you sponge black paint for effect 👏???

  2. Your pie tray turned out fantastic and so did your chalk paint sign display!

  3. Looove love love your videos!!1 thank u..what kind of dog was at the door?sooo cute!

  4. Bummed that we didn't get to see finish painting the larger platter. I really like the way it turned out. Would you ever consider making another one and filming it?

  5. Love these! The first one really looks like ceramic!👍

  6. Super cute and very creative!

  7. I love this project but I need your help. I've tried to paint those raised areas around the plate and to date cannot do it correctly without the black paint getting in the crevices. Can you tell me how you went about getting it so perfect?

  8. How did you get the effect on the outside band in the pie one. I understand you did the black on the inside and outside lines but it appears to have a sanded effect or black dry brushed over that outer design. TIA it’s very beautiful

  9. Very creative! Thanks!💕👏🏼🌹

  10. Love the fresh baked pies! What font did you use?

  11. Great DIY's, love both of those ideas. I don't have a cricut so I use stencils and hand lettering using my oil based paint pens (Sharpie and CraftSmart) on my signs. I think I will do the pie one! Sub #600 here! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hey there! I love these kinds of DIY's!
    GR8 job, looks amazing. I have several of these different shaped plates from DT. Thx for another creative idea I will be making.
    New subbie here. 🌻🌿🌾🌻🤗🥰

  13. I like your pie tray. I need to get a Cameo or Cricut. There is so much you can do with them. Can you make sayings for mugs- or will that not work?

  14. Wow super cute! The first one is absolutely amazing, looks like real ceramic!! I too love my Cameo, I wouldn’t use anything else!!

  15. Great video !! They both came out great but the first one is my favorite it came out beautiful 😍

  16. Both are so cute, but I absolutely adore the first one! I might have to invest in a cameo now! 😊

  17. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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