Dollar Tree Coastal Summer DIYs | Coastal Farmhouse DIYs | Summer DIY Daily Series Ep 6

Dollar Tree Coastal Summer DIYs | Coastal Farmhouse DIYs | Summer DIY Daily Series Ep 6

Thanks for stopping by to watch eposide 6 in my Summer DIY Daily Series.
The DIY Challenge – July 10th 1pm EST

Today I am feature Jaime – Texas Girl DIY


Thick branch cut down to size you like

Large Sea Glass Jar
1 Large Pickle Jar
Mod Podge
Sea-foam paint color

Tall Sea Glass Vase
1 Vase Dollar Tree
Mod Podge
Sea-foam paint color
Dollar Tree Shells

If you would like to collab, you can email me at

Heidi Sonboul
P.O. Box 7681
Chesterfield, MO 63006


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23 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Coastal Summer DIYs | Coastal Farmhouse DIYs | Summer DIY Daily Series Ep 6

  1. I'm so grateful for friendly folks like you who spotlight new YouTubers. Thank you for sharing. My favorite is the sea glass knotted pickle vase.

  2. I just saw your channel. Yiou"re a very talented creative artist/crafter!!!

  3. Both are awesome. Looks so nice

  4. Love them! Going to be hard to top your last two videos. You’re very complete with your instructions and materials needed! Thanks

  5. Thank you Thank you for sharing this easy way to create sea glass paint look. I Love ❤️ the way the jar and vase turned out. They are so pretty, I have been holding on to a thrifted vase fir just this purpose. Very cool macrame technique on the jar! The boots were to easy to spend $ on. The sumner series you are doing is great! The fact you are including other channels that might not get out there is Amazing! You are a special kind person. This is generosity at its core. The channels are getting noticed by viewers when they wouldn’t have. This act of kindness is what puts you out in front of some of the other big channels. You have a fan for life in me! God Bless you and your family.

  6. Hi Heidi, I think you and Nathalie have the best nautical DIY I have ever seen! My porch us nautical and I just so happen to have a brick ledge 2 inches thick running around all the windows and that's pretty much all the space I have left. I just so happen to cut down a small tree of my neighbor's hanging way over in my side where I cannot mow underneith. I called the county
    housing board and they said yes I'm allowed to cut I'd down as long as I stay on my side . So tomorrow after work I am going to go out and check os some branches for boats. Your one boar branch was very cool as it looked like it had a rudder in the back.
    I love the pickle jar seaglass paint idea. I will have yo go to the good will to see about a night jar. I learned how to macrame when I was about 8 at a summer craft retreat. I just found my belt I made a couple weeks ago.
    Also I may have mentioned to you before in 2017 and 2018 I went to Sanibel Island with my sister and mom and we picked up hundreds of shells. I collected many with natural holes so they are nice to tie on a cylinder case at different levels. I definitely want to make your crafts. I have the one Folk Art paint color I believe you used as one of the mixing paint. I need hth o go to bed I am fading fast. Blessings, Rebekah

  7. Hi! I, too, love the sea glass look you’ve achieved. I mixed modpodge and agave (a lovely Waverly color) and got a really streaky result. Did I need to add water or thin it more? I’m not experienced so I’m not good at troubleshooting. I love your creation. Thank you.

  8. I love your ideas!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️

  9. Love all the ideas!!!! Think the wires ones are my favorite. Awesome budget friendly transformations. Tfs!

  10. Hi Heidi,
    How do we get our channel featured? I am small, I took a break from posting my videos on my channel because my wifi doesn’t support downloading but I figured out if I go to the library parking lot or somewhere that has strong wifi I can schedule my videos 🙂 Which I am starting to do!

    My favorite is the sea glass vases & I am definitely going to recreate those 💗😊
    Thank you for the tip about the paint!

  11. Thank you Heidi. I love the boats. It brings back a memory of when I was little & had a fascination with boats. My dad would take to me to the pier to watch the boats & I would happily watch them for hours. I think I have everything to make them.

  12. Şiş kebap 😍👍👏👏

  13. I love the sea glass and how you did the netting around it. It looks so easy and I can't wait to give it a try. And the sailboats they would be perfect in my new area outside in my patio makeover! Thank you so much for sharing. I really look forward to your videos. And I love that you are featuring other channels to help people out. Shortly I'm going to be starting some YouTube videos, and I hope all goes as well.

  14. Love that jar…and the boats are so cute! Love these shorter videos! The ones that are an hour + are just too hard for me to watch with my schedule.

  15. I’m at my beach house now and these DIYs are going to be awesome 😊. Thank you for some great ideas. Loved them all.

  16. I love the sea glass look! So simple! I want to try this with a huge jar I've been saving.

  17. Love how your Pickle jar totally transformed! So beautiful!

  18. Really liked the seaglass jars!!💗💗💗

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