DOLLAR TREE Christmas Gift Basket Ideas | BEST TIPS + Budget Friendly

DOLLAR TREE Christmas Gift Basket Ideas | BEST TIPS + Budget Friendly

Amazing Today I’m sharing 4 budget friendly dollar tree gift basket ideas perfect for Christmas. I’m also sharing my best tips for a successful trip to the dollar tree to build themed baskets for those special themes.

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Dollar Tree Christmas haul

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26 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE Christmas Gift Basket Ideas | BEST TIPS + Budget Friendly

  1. I really enjoyed this video. These are amazing. You're very creative. I love all of them. Thanks!

  2. The movie theater basket was my favorite

  3. Can you make a lunch with cookies and mini icing bags(Ziploc bags)so the kids can make there own cookies!!

  4. Why are there Danish cookies in my sewing kit? 😄 I love all the gift baskets

  5. Really creative ideas, Devin will be doing some of these ❤️

  6. I think you should pack your kids lunch
    My 17 years old ,6yrs , 11 yrs , 9 yrs likes to eat for school lunch and my 17 year old is autisic

    Main meal: turkey sandwich ( turkey and bread and cheese)
    Vegetables: cup of green beans
    Fruit: peaches
    Snack: cracker

    Main meal: chicken Nuggets with BQQ
    Vegetables: Broccoli with ranch
    Fruit: oranges
    Snack: fruit snack

    Main meal: lunch able (cheese and ham and crackers)
    Vegetables: carrots with peanut butter
    Fruit: grapes
    Snack: yogurt

    Main meal: chicken patty sandwich
    Vegetables: tomatoes with ranch
    Fruit: pine apples
    Snack: free choice ( normal peanut butter cookies)

    Main meal : tortilla pizza with ( cheese,ham,pine apples)
    Vegetables: carrots with ranch
    Fruit: grapes with peanut butter
    Snack :yogurt

  7. I love the hot cocoa basket. You are so creative. 👍

  8. I’ve been waiting for this video!

  9. Where is this Dollar Tree? I live in Kissimmee and the stores near me are not as nice.

  10. hey, bunches of lunches I would love if I could do a subscriber lunch one day just in case her are the things that I would love thank you I would have capsicum= veggie, mac and cheese= main course, Cheeto puffs = snack Oreos = treat sprite= drink fruit = watermelon. Please pick me I am also 11 and from Australia xx

  11. My favorite movie candies ( outside of jr mints) are milk duds and/or whoppers. Yummy!

  12. Can you give me a shout out I love your video

  13. My fave is the movie night– good for anyone!

  14. I m playing your game . Hi I am Aishvarya

  15. I loved them all! I got some ideas now but I think my favourite was the spa day one, definitely gonna make one for my sister

  16. I like this spot basket and the hot chocolate basket

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