Dollar Tree Challenge with 2 twists!!

Dollar Tree Challenge with 2 twists!!

Great Hello Everyone,

DOLLAR TREE Challenge DAY 13!! Day 13 of the Dollar Tree Challenge! #Dollar Tree Challenge accepted ClassyCrafting&Parcels

There are 4 options in this Dollar Tree Challenge to meet your lifestyle needs – don’t worry, this isn’t a cold Turkey cut off from Dollar Tree for everyone.

Thank you so much for joining me on this challenge!
I would love for you to join this little community for DIYS, PLANNING, PAPERCRAFTING Hauls and so much more

Happy Saving and crafting my friends,

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24 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Challenge with 2 twists!!

  1. For those without Instagram, I am new to that world aswell and still learning the ropes. This is my Facebook Page which we can all post on aswell. I will start a thread for it 💕

  2. well, I was bad and stopped in to the mall store..they had the Amope electric manicure wand so I bought several. Once they are gone they are gone and I've been checking. sorry. But your free pass sort of gave me a reprieve. I have been going home and working in my yard so when I run in the store, I'm on the run tog

  3. Hi Vanessa I find this challenge a great motivation w/o feeling I'm missing out cause I know afternoon this challenge I'll find even better things 🤗💚💙 . Pls post the 3 things you bought

  4. Please share the three items. I have been busy with my daughter she hurt her hip doing gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ . I also have been doing spring cleaning. So I haven’t been really thinking about dollar tree too much.

  5. Vanessa, here is yesterday’s video from Jamie Ridler, a sweet and seasoned artist entrepreneur from Toronto. The topic of this video is right on topic with what we are doing this month and our love of stuff from DT. There are pros & cons. You will love Jamie. Hopefully stirring in you a healthy cultivation of your DT passion and going deeper with our efforts.

  6. You kick ass with this video Girl! As I said before, my next visit is not before spring (next Tuesday), and yes, I’ll try to limit myself to 3 items.

  7. I don't think I've told you this Vanessa, but I've only been going to DT regularly for about 4 months now. When I lived in Toronto there was one that I went to maybe 6 times in 10 years, but it never really appealed to me. Before Christmas I went in looking for gift bags and whatnot, and was surprised to find some stuff that I liked, especially the organizing bins. So much cheaper than Dollarama! Then I somehow came across a DT haul on YouTube a few weeks later, and the rest is history, lol! I don't have a passport yet, but I'm planning on getting it this year, and I'm excited to cross the border to go to DT in the US because there's one about 45 minutes from here. How pathetic is that?! 😂😂😂

  8. You looked sneaky I had to check in with you to see if you went into DTS!!! Yes do it cool….. Love y'all Wendy From: Kentucky PS Went to Dollar Store they have slot of NEW STUFF nice…..You're hair looks so good Beautiful..

  9. I don't have Instagram 😔💗

  10. Hey Vanessa
    Day 13 and I have not had too much desire to go in but I have watched a few DT abd Dollarama hauls and your walk threw and that does stir up a desire in me to go but I needed to do this challenge for our we…. we are still fixing our house from hurricane Harvey and last Sunday our beautiful baby boy Wallie (cat) was ran over and the emergency vet clinic was so terribly expensive so I definitely need to stick to it and stay out of DT!! I still get to go on my trip to see my oldest grandaughter and middle child so I am super happy about that!!💜💜💜 I have her craft kits all together from my stash!! Thank you so much for this challenge Vanessa!!!🌹💗🌷

  11. Well…..Today I had to go into the DT…..just to see if I was missing anything…lol. Yes …they had some new items I've seen on hauls. But each item I looked at…I asked myself….do I really want it now…..nawwww. First time I have not bought ANYTHING!!! Woohoo. I made a cat scratching mat with the rope ……..used my glue gun…..sprinkled cat nip over it….my kitty loves it.

  12. I’m on vacation so I will have to make something next week! I will do it!

  13. Is this 3 item pass because you want 2 hexagon candle sticks and a happy sign?!!!!! I'm after the cacti and a happy sign… them BUT…….I'm so happy how much money I have saved that I think I'm going to try and stay strong and wait until April!! I said try!! Love the crafting challenge!

  14. Hi girl day 13. I had my lazy Sunday morning and in the afternoon I went to get my hair done. I did go into Dollararma to see if they had some Easter ribbon but they didn't with this pass that we have I will go in to see if I can get the ribbon there. I might have time tomorrow to go in or Thursday the latest. I need the ribbon to go on the wreaths that I am making for work. take care….

  15. Hi Vanessa 🙂 just checking in day 13 😃 still no dollar tree I actually haven't been tempted to go o might going in on Sunday bit just to be safe am only taking $5 lol thanks for the free pass..

  16. I have to drive 30 minutes to a store… So I am gonna pass lol. I really don't need anything.

  17. Hi Vanessa, another day on track. I did stop at Michaels today while I was out and I found nothing I needed. I'm loving the twist. I want to pick a few things at DT to make my coffee sign. Heading out tomorrow morning. Love the twist! I'll send you a picture of Easter cloches. By not going to DT, I haven't missed out on anything. This whole challenge has made me realize I don't need to shop, just to shop. A good thing as I will shop until I drop.

  18. I can’t wait, I’m going tomorrow!

  19. I'd love to share a craft from existing inventory but I don't want my family to know I have a YouTube channel yet. I want them to find out maybe in 2 years. We'll see how long I can pull it off. 😁

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