Dollar Tree Challenge Day 9 Check In

Dollar Tree Challenge Day 9 Check In

Great Hello Everyone,

DOLLAR TREE Challenge DAY 9!
There are 4 options in this Dollar Tree Challenge to meet your lifestyle – don’t worry this isn’t a cold Turkey cut off from Dollar Tree for everyone.

Thank you so much for joining me on this challenge!

Happy Saving and crafting my friends,

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22 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Challenge Day 9 Check In

  1. How did I miss the challenge? I'm bummed.
    Yes, I would love to see your Alex system. I have been thinking about doing that. My system isn't! I need help and your's is so organized.
    Thank you for being there.❤️

  2. 💜💜💜🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹

  3. No dollar tree for me m. I only have gone twice this month and I have $20 left for my budget for the rest of the month. I plan not to visit the DT this upcoming week TFS! Xoxo muahzz😘💕

  4. I've not been going into other stores to get a shopping fix, nor have I been thinking of it… Well, I considered going into JoAnns to see if they had some clearance. But since I hadn't gone to JoAnns in over 1 year, there was really no justification for going in. I am sure I would have spent money.

    I did great for 1 week regarding the Dollar Tree. No spending, or only $5. But then I tipped the scale severely when I found stickers and books and coloring books and yarn. The coloring books were on my immunity list. But I then shrugged my shoulders saying if I'm in here buying books, I can look at framed art and stickers also. I ended up spending more than I budgeted. I have since gotten a feeling of not wanting to be at the DT. I went in yesterday to return about 30 items and exchanged those. So I ended up paying nothing. Then I went to another store (I was looking for battery hair trimmers and pedi tools). No luck. By the the third store I felt overwhelmingly sick of the DT and I had to get out. But once I was out, I called 3 other DTs asking about those motor powdered beauty tools. No luck. I pretty much feel like I overdosed on DT and I just want to spend my time and energy organizing at home this new week.

  5. No shopping for me either!

  6. Went to dollar tree today I didn’t buy nothing met up for breakfast with sister in law and godaughter and we went to dollar tree my daughter said mom there’s a dollar tree lol so we went but didn’t buy nothing for me just my daughter painting piggy bank and some now and later bag

  7. Hello girl. I hope you and the family have a great weekend. I have two more days. Sunday I will be decorating the nurses station for Saint Patty's Day. No shopping day any were today.. take care of you..

  8. No Dollar Tree for me. Continuing cold turkey. 🦃

  9. Hi Vanessa.I was a bunny and popped in for bread, didn't even look around. have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  10. Happy Friday! Another day working on crafts for me. I did go out today and parked in front of DT but walked right past it and went into TJ Maxx. This week I have spent a total of $10.00 on craft supplies for my next project (faux macrons) and finishing up on my current project. Yippee, for me. My personal goal, staying on track. I've been reading everyone's posts and I want to say, way to go to all of you. Use what we have on hand until the inventory gets low. Have a great weekend.

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. i can relate to your well water situation. The water from our well has 10 times the recommended limit of iron (and has gotten even worse since we last tested it) and it has literally turned everything orange and leaves a terrible film on our dishes. My skin is very pale and when I dry myself off after a shower, orange comes off on the towel! Such a nightmare. Country living. lol. My husband is away on business, and whenever he goes away, I feel kind of anxious, and shopping was one way I have always dealt with that feeling. I've been sending him instead to get the bagels. We missed yesterday and with him being gone, it was me that had to go. All of the bagels were gone. My kids are getting really fussy with breakfast lately so instead I bought them two boxes of those Pumpkin Spice mini Wheats because I know for sure they'll eat them, and we were out of lemon juice for a recipe I'm making and they had the Realemon lemon juice in so I picked that up. I did look around, and I really didn't see anything else that was exciting so it really wasn't a struggle to only buy the food items we needed.

  13. Ok, today was hard. I had to go into town to do some birthday shopping. It was so hard not to go into any dollar stores, especially DT. I saw someone haul a floral tissue paper I would absolutely love to have 😞🌸. BUT, I resisted 😄 I haven't sorted through my stash of tissue, so I thought I should shop there first, I have already been pleasantly surprised by what I've found in my own stash from cleaning and organizing 😃💖
    Thanks again 😉

  14. Oh! And I do the same thing with big items I want (not paying full price) I went to Michaels, and I had the 60% coupon and got the Project Life fuse tool for $15 😀

  15. I went in on Wednesday and spent $20. Stuff for me. But my budget for the month was $30-ish hehe. So still doing ok! 🦊❤️😍

  16. So far cold turkey. Love seeing bear 😊

  17. I have taken today to Pinterest. I wanna diy a headboard for my toddler and a farm house kitchen table !!!

  18. Hi. I was on the wrong day. I just commented on day 8 and thought it was today. Oh my…well maybe that is bc I am sick. So no DT's for me the past few days. I love your drawers that you just got from Michael's. That's what I wanted for all my stuff. Great job Vanessa on no DT's.❤❤

  19. Hi Vanessa…day 9 check….cold turkey….Not even going out today, it's snowing …again…catching up on housework so I can craft on the weekend….tfs…

  20. Hi good morning 🙂 wow 9 days my hubby is impressed with me lol

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