Dollar Tree Challenge Day 2

Dollar Tree Challenge Day 2

Superb Hello Everyone,

DOLLAR TREE March 2018 no spend has started!
All the best on this fun challenge of Dollar Tree No Spend! DOLLAR TREE CHALLENGE NO SPEND! No Spend Dollar Tree Challenge!

Thank you so much for joining me on this challenge!

Happy Saving and crafting my friends,


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33 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Challenge Day 2

  1. TFS! No DT trip for me this day lol xoxo I love coffee! 😘💕

  2. ohh I hope your little one feels better soon!! Ok so I went by dollar tree 3 times today while working, and oops the 4th time got me, so I was a little bunny today after all lol…..I had to get a present bag for my grandsons bday party tomorrow and wouldn't you know they put out new things!!!! I ended up buying 5 pkgs of ferry lights as we have not had them in our stores at all, wish i bought more but that's ok….so not bad present bag, 5 fairy lights and those red/green gummy treats… I think that was the cheapest dollar tree buy yet LOL!!!

  3. Oh no hope your beautiful daughter feels better, I know it’s been going around, I was sick for 2 weeks. I’m a big time coffee drinker, pushing myself to alternate some tea, I can do one tea a day of anything lol. I just like mine with cream. Big thumbs up for u my friend for driving by and not stoping, send those vibes my way. Ok if u see a haul video from me that was last weeks lol. U guys got snow? I keep thinking u live in Toronto , it was cold here but no snow 🙏. Today is sunny but -4 I can live with that, sick of snow already. Hope u have a great weekend Vanessa 🤗💕

  4. I did it. I managed to complete an 8 hour shift there and spent $0.

  5. Sad!!! I failed miserably. My down fall is watching hauls. 😥

  6. I guess it's easier for me than most people because my energy limitations don't allow me to go out more than 2 or 3 times a week, and it's on transit, so I have to really balance between what I need and want to do. I hope your girl feels better soon. 💕

  7. Really liked this video actually!! Hope your little one feels better very soon. X

  8. Hope your daughter feels better soon

  9. Hi girl I am a coffee drinker it doesn't matter what time of the day it is. hope your daughter gets well soon. no DT for me today went home after work it was a busy day. have a good weekend. two more days of work for me then it is my weekend. take care.. hugs…

  10. Haven’t been to the dollar tree today I really wanted to go but I didn’t give in. I think I’ll do a pop in tomorrow just to look around. My daughter wants to go spend some of her allowance there so y’all wish me luck that I stay strong.

  11. No dollar tree I didn't even read I just tapped in seen u thinking what's new now Easter is coming girl😏😄

  12. I stopped in and got mom some fig Newtons, they are soft so easy for her to eat. I did walk thru but wasn't tempted!! yay!! I'm right there with you on the coffee, f I don't have in the morning, I get almost like a migraine!! I try never to miss morning coffee, I hate headaches (( They are so debilitating!! Sorry about your snow. We are at 66, but I see the East coast has had a northeaster hit!! pooey. we have rain every week for 3-5 days of the week!! have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo.

  13. I don’t ever drink coffee and I don’t drink soda anymore. When I drink ice coffee or milkshakes I get really bad cramps and my stomach hurts so bad 🙁 but I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant because I can eat cheese and stuff

  14. Ugh, I failed already. I am supposed to be going cold turkey. I made my last purchases at the Dollar Tree on February 28th to get ready for this challenge. I had a decor piece to go with my mom's birthday present, but when I pulled it out of the bag it fell apart in my hands, so I had to return it to exchange for a new one. I finally had the time to tackle my DIY Easter project, but I was missing a couple of things for it that I knew would cost me more money at Dollarama and I just can't stomach the idea of that. I went in there to replace the decor piece and pick up the other items for my project. I saw some new finds that I knew my kids and husband would love for Easter, but I told myself that I already had enough for them(buying for them is my true weakness). If I wasn't doing this challenge, I would have picked those items up so that is progress. It was so hard to walk away ! Today is my errand running day and dill pickles were on my grocery list and they had just gotten in 1 L jars of Vlasic dill pickles! The cashier told me they only get them in twice a year, and that the employees take boxes of them before they put them on the shelf so there wasn't a whole lot left. I purchased a jar of them and felt guity. My husband told me my mindset about this is all wrong. An example is this, that if your family actually eats dill pickles throughout the year, it makes sense to stock up on them when you can get them that cheap. It's buying the extra things, those things that I really don't need that I need to stop purchasing, like how I walked away from those Easter goodies for my family because I know I already have enough for them. It's such common sense, but for me I just need to develop better self control. So today I confessed I slipped up, but I'm going to do better. I hope your little one feels better soon:(

  15. planned on going to DT today because it was next to the motor vehicles dept to get my photo ID….lol… husband was with me so, he did "sneak" a few items in, but normally when i shop with him it's $50+. today we spent $13! so $17 left for the month, BUT we got a lot on wednesday and today to tie us thru the month! 1 score was bread….there were 2 loafs that expired yesterday, but they were still soft and looked fine. we asked the girl if she would mark them half off and because they were outdated, she gave them to us for FREE! we went to the grocery surplus store just now and spent $75! OUR CART WAS OVERFLOWING! i think with these 2 shopping trips, we can probably not spend anymore money for the entire month!

  16. Day#2 No DT.. woohooo💕💕💕

  17. I bought a Victoria magazine. $13 CAN. First frivolous purchase of the month. No DT.

  18. Day 2 haven’t been to the DT yet, I have a bit of a cold🤧, I’m feeling like I don’t have a need for anything, so it hasn’t been to difficult so far 🙌🏻😘✌🏻❤️🙏🏻🦊 I hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  19. I was NOT planning to go to DT today, but I was out with my husband (who took the day off work because it’s his birthday), and he wanted to pop in for baby shampoo. Apparently you can use it in lieu of eye wipes, as advised by our optometrist. Who knew! So we got the shampoo, some hair elastics my daughter asked for, and a clear plastic organizer. So much easier to reign myself in with him there! 😂

  20. Hey Vanessa! I am sorry your little one is sick!! I hope they get better soon. I would love some snow. It is about 50 here. Very very very windy. I did mess up yesterday. I said I wasn't go in at all and I did. I was looking for this one thing. One of their cute little rabbits that is wooden I think or plaster. And it dangles off the shelf. No look can't find one anywhere.😢😕 but I still bought and spent 5 dollars. I couldn't even do the first day. Hopefully I can do the rest!👍

  21. I did go but only spent 4 dollars, went for toilet paper and milk basic necessities

  22. Hope your daughter feels better

  23. Having my coffee as I watch your video, I usually have 3 cups in the morning and that's it for the day unless I go out and treat myself to a Timmies….I am staying in today…My Fiskars paper cutter was finally delivered this morning and I had to pay another 14.90 for customs, grrr…never again will I get caught up in this…I got my fancy markers in the mail yesterday, it's going to be a fun weekend…take care…hope your little one feels better soon.

  24. No visit yesterday , cleaning house. No need to go out.stay strong👍

  25. Day 2! Feel free to chat here!! Don't forget to check in my little Turkeys 🦃, Mouses🐭, Bunny Hoppers🐰 and Foxy Foxes🐺 ✨✨ We got this!!

  26. It's kind of hard for me as do live real close to my dollar tree but I won't be going today either 🙂 tfs 💜 have a wonderful day. Hope your little one feels better…. My baby got a nasty cough yesterday too 😐

  27. Well the DT isn't near me so that helps, that's why I decided to go with no Dollar Stores at all, I'm not going to my local dollar stores. Sometimes it's so easy just to drop in and get some new art or craft items. I need to use what I have, not collect and hoard.
    Love this challenge 😉

  28. Dollar Tree!!! I'm going today. I will put up some pictures on my Instagram. Lol. Thanks for sharing, love.

  29. I didn’t go to the DT yesterday. I wont go today either as i am distracted with other things today. Yay! Hope your little feels better soon.

  30. Hope your girl feels better soon! I have 2 home sick today as well. 2 went and were mad it wasn’t a snow day. I’m so over this snow too! I’m a winter girl and I’m even done with it. If I can’t snowmobile then I want spring ! Today will be easy for me as well with kids home. It will be tomorrow when I have to go to London because I have a Guiding/Scouting event and I’m s leader. Wish me luck not going in to DT. lol

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