Dollar Tree Challenge COMPLETE and what I learned about the NO SPEND, SPEND LESS at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Challenge COMPLETE and what I learned about the NO SPEND, SPEND LESS at Dollar Tree

Awesome Hello Everyone,

DOLLAR TREE Challenge COMPLETE!! Can you believe a month is finished!? WOW!! Great job everyone on this awesome challenge, thank you for checking in with me, joining along and following along my Dollar Tree journey.

I appreciate all of you!!
Happy Saving and crafting my friends,

I would love for you to join this little community.

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25 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Challenge COMPLETE and what I learned about the NO SPEND, SPEND LESS at Dollar Tree

  1. Wow good for you!!! It wasn't a good for me. I failed. But, I started in February buying stuff for pocket letters and some one wanted to trade with me then they backed out. LOL

  2. I was So Happy to see a new video from you & Happy Yall are all doin ok! I Love All Your Videos, Your Personality & You are just so darn Beautiful!πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

  3. I'll be going to DT for Needs, stickers, washi, and an occasional decor item. I think the challenge curbed my DT and spending appetite. Thank you!

  4. I have taken over an hour easily. My average time is about 30-40 minutes. This week I've popped in to look for wish list items, didn't find them, and popped out. Or I've bought needs but not wants so much. I love how you worded everything here. Speaking about what you learned about yourself… Such great motivators and eye openers. I'm happy about your success and learning through the challenge.

  5. Yay, you're wearing soft pink again! I know you like the gray and black but you look so pretty in the ballet pink tones. I've been looking forward to this video.

  6. Congratulations Vanessa on your March savings!!! This was a great challenge and a great way for me to curtail my shopping; overall, not just at DT. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Good job !!!!! Congratulations.
    I have already blown the month of April,but hoping to change my Dollar Tree and Dollar General spending in May.

  8. Thanks for sharing your savings. Well done! 🌸


  10. The dollar tree is like a treasure hunt. LOL. I didn't go in very frequently this month because I had an operation and have been unable to drive. Good job Vanessa! I've enjoyed watching this challenge. Hope Spring shows up in Canada soon! <3~Jess

  11. Enjoyed the challenge and i made it thru. I am shopping less in general Dollar Tree and other stores.
    I am taking time to use some of the supplies i have that make me happy before adding more supplies. I surprisingly enjoyed this challenge. Thank you again.

  12. Wow…You did awesome….That was a great challenge…I really tried…but must admit wasnt as good as you…youre so right…sometimes spending too much time hunting means not as much crafting…..Im trying to do more crafts…
    Thanks for challenging us…!

  13. Love how you thoroughly employed your organizational skills all throughout the process of this video. That was great and also love the awareness your challenge brought to many. Excellent wake me up. I have to say, you are some witty young woman. Congratulations!

  14. Thanks so much for the challenge. I saved over $400 last month….DTree and dollarama. I went into DTree today to find 2 head guys from Vancouver reorganizing the 2 stores we have here in town. I was amazed at their organization skills….it looks wonderful so far. I hope the store personnel can keep up with the high demand in that area.
    Like you money is not an issue…..I enjoy shopping at the Dollar stores….it makes me happy. From now on if a cutesy item comes into my house it better be pushing an old one out the door….lol.
    My plan this month is to go through all my bins I'm not using and donate. The ones that r too small now…or lost there appeal. There must be at least 30 gathering dust through my house…lol. No more Bins….lol
    Congrats to everyone who took the challenge ……I loved it.

  15. Hi Vanessa way to go on your savings. you made some very good valid points to do before you start a challenge. I do take inventory of what I have and only get what I need not what I wont. I went to one of my DT today and did buy less than $20 the store had square metal wreath forms they get very expensive to buy else were, so I bought 8. thanks for sharing your final thoughts and what you learned. take care of you. will keep in touch..

  16. Yay Vanessa! You did fantastic! I am very impressed. That is such a huge accomplishment! I am less than impressed with myself, but I think I did o.k. and I learned quite a bit about myself as well. So many things really. One is that I'm easily influenced. Growing up I was never one to follow the crowd so this surprised me! I was always the person doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing. What happened to me as an adult? I've struggled a lot during the past year and a half. Things kept getting more and more difficult in so many areas. My husband was away for work for a year and a half. I was solo parenting and on the other side of the country from family. This is when I began on my downward spiral. I felt very lonely and I discovered YouTube. I never watched it before. It was my company when my kids would go to bed at night. I started watching all of these DollarTree hauls. I had never set foot in a Dollar Tree before. I was watching people get so excited over their purchases, and I think I just wanted that same joy in my life. I wanted to feel the same happiness they felt, but that happiness was short lived after my purchases. I always had an excuse for each purchase but it was all getting to be too much, and the clutter was actually robbing me of my joy because I don't keep up with it enough. My husband told me before this challenge I need to find a hobby other than shopping. I feel so much more in control of my spending now, thanks to you Vanessa because of this challenge, but now I'm trying to focus more on what else could bring me joy. I need to work deeper on myself, bring myself back. This will take longer, but I'm not sure I would have looked this close in the mirror had you not created this challenge. Thank you.xo.

  17. Hi πŸ‘‹ the challenge was fun I learned to save $60 a month I had a budget of $15 a week for me. I went to dollar tree today and I thought I was gonna spend more on things I like but I didn’t.

  18. Our savings are amazing!! I say we continue and go on classycraftingandparcels girlie weekend!!! A meet and greet!! Well done you!!

  19. Wow, that's incredible, nice job Vanessa! <3 I think I go to DT when I'm bored, or when I have time to kill before somewhere else, so I'll try to plan my time better, and not allow too much time to be "out and about" before an appointment. I think going forward I will bring my wish list and just have a set budget every month.

  20. WHOOOOO WHOOOOOO – way to to !!!!!

  21. πŸ‘‹Classy Crafting! I'm so happy for you!! You did it πŸ‘It's hard to stay on a budget even though you really want something and you tell yourself πŸ‘‰NO!!πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜€Have a good day and God BlessβœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸ€—

  22. You kick ass! Congratulations

  23. Congratulations to you Vanessa and to all that participated in your challenge!!

  24. Do a Giveaway with those stickers for us we Love you did good Challenge, Now another one it's sp fun with you, Loved it… β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’šπŸ‘β€πŸ’š

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