Dollar tree BOHO DIY/ Home decor/2020

Dollar tree BOHO DIY/ Home decor/2020

I hope you all enjoy these Boho style Dollar tree DIYS. I love Boho decor. It is so easy to style with Farmhouse.

All items used from the dollar tree except.
Large wooden craft sticks
Truffle chalk Waverly paint (Walmart)

Wooden beads.( Hobby lobby)


Hope you enjoy and Thanks for watching ❤


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35 thoughts on “Dollar tree BOHO DIY/ Home decor/2020

  1. I can’t choose a favorite. They are all great! ❤️

  2. I really love all of them all such wonderful ideas

  3. what did you use to fill in the top holes?

  4. I love them all, I think I am going to make them for me.

  5. I think ur diys r so cute and easy lov the tray but lov all of them

  6. Those are friggin adorable!!

  7. Hello there! Where did you get your glue gun?

  8. You are so creative, awesome and love that you are doing boho, as l'm trying to get a more boho style in my lounge, so getting lots of ideas. However, you are making it hard to choose. They are all stunning.

  9. Hi
    I love it
    All four items
    Look good together
    As a group
    You nailed it

  10. I love all of BoHo style you created. I have some that rope and was thinking of ways I can use them. Thank you and by the way I use your idea with the crates and cubes with the draws. It came out so cute… i get so many compliments… you are inspiration to me. 🍷💞

  11. These DIY’s are absolutely adorable! My favorite is the canvases. I like shabby chic and farmhouse, but these hit it out of the park for me. Thank you so very much for you inspiration!

  12. This design drew me in to your page 😍 Love to see more boho! 🤩🌺

  13. I just found you today and watched this video ! I love what you have made…all of them, but especially the framed leaves. Such a cute idea. I have subscribed and will be watching. Do more BOHO !!

  14. Again love all 3. Very nice for an added touch.

  15. Ok I am going to do the 3 wall canvas and the rope jar with flower. Going to put in my basement bathroom.



  18. These are sooo cute! Just gave me ideas for my patio decor! Thank you!!!! 🖤

  19. These are so creative. Reminds me of beach things; fresh and natural and clean.

  20. All of them are amazing but my favorite was the canvas because they turn out like something really expensive not dollars tree items

  21. Beautiful great idea❤️❤️

  22. They're all great, fav is vase wrapped with rope. Thanks for sharing

  23. They were all cute ideas. But, I think my fav was the light an tray. TFS!!

  24. You better create girl! They are dope-I’m going to recreate them for my moms room-it’s neutral enough and has her favorite color green! Thanks-glad I came across your channel-Subcribed😉

  25. Thanks for introducing yourself to me. I have subbed and look forward to learning some DIY's I can try out.

  26. I love the pictures 💋❤️

  27. This is my first visit to your channel… I Love all of the creations they are so cute will be trying them especially the round tray. God Bless thank you for sharing stay creative!!❤️

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