Dollar Tree Beach Decor Diy | Summer Decor

Dollar Tree Beach Decor Diy | Summer Decor

In this Dollar Tree Beach Decor Diy Summer Decor, I show how I take beach themed wood cut outs from Crafters Square in the shape of seahorses and a shell to make a beautiful custom set of coastal beach diys for my home decor. I show how easy and inexpensive it is to decorate your home in a Summer Beach or Coastal decor flair for 2020. This is a very easy and inexpensive Summer craft to make. I give you some ideas of how you can decorate your home for Summer 2020 in this video.

Apple Barrel acrylic paint in Snow White from Walmart.
Apple Barrel acrylic paint in Bahama Blue from Walmart.
Dollar Tree Wood Cut-outs in the beach themes
2 Frames that have sayings on them from the Dollar Tree. # 39277 50890
Hot glue or E-6000
Craft paper I used Mermaid Lagoon by Craft smart at Michaels.
Glass scraper

LINK TO MERMAID LAGOON SCRAPBOOK PAPER. ( I bought mine for 9.99 but they do not have them any longer. Found this one but at a higher price.
Hot Glue (Gorilla Glue) from Walmart LINK FOR FULL GLUE STICKS: gun
DeWalt glue gun LINK:
DeWalt single edge pull saw LINK:
My Big Happy Planner LINK:

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33 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Beach Decor Diy | Summer Decor

  1. This was a cute video watching you changing your mind and ending with results of what makes you happy! TYFS stay safe and healthy 🤗😷🤗

  2. I like them white streaked bleach🙂

  3. They turned out great and I love the way you finished it. Thanks for sharing how you changed your mind. I’m really glad I’m not the only one that does that. Take care.

  4. Very pretty and I like them blue, too.

  5. I love these. I think you made the right decision on the color. 💙❤️

  6. They turned out soo cute!! I think the last change is the best.I sure can relate to days like that. When I have days like I feel I just should've stayed in bed.LOL I love your diys because you are soo genuine. Have a wonderful sweet lady! 😊 PS Hope your feeling better sns and over your infection.

  7. Love how you just go with the flow……..They came out beautiful! 💕

  8. I like the final color! You are human and so wonderful! Great weekend!!

  9. Hi Tawnya, A beach theme sound so warm feeling of water, the sun and sand. Oh yes seashells and fish.The seahorses look much nicer with the white and blue accents. Frames are great with that paper. You did much better and the frame is an eye opener that’s the right shade of blueGreat job my friend.

  10. I love the blue but really loved them white with the blue and blue frames. Maybe a darker background??? The beauty of painting and DIY’s are if you don’t like it, PAINT it again😂😂. I’m going to do this for a patio/pool area👍🏼. Thanks for sharing 😉

  11. Loved the different versions ,I really liked the first, but thats what is fun about crafting, everyone has different taste. Thank you for showing us the varieties. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Loved seeing all the changes. My favorite look is your end result! Turned out really pretty. TFS

  13. Like them blue use last … really nice in the frame…ty

  14. Adorable Maggie! I also think the seahorses look much better blue. I had to laugh at Maggie barking at the mailman. My son's dog does the same thing. It really goes crazy. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  15. Chris-ABQ Hi! It sure was fun to see your artistic mind at work…love your final creation! 🥰

  16. Yes the turquoise on the shell and sea horses look much better!! Love it

  17. I liked the white with the blue.

  18. I liked them white with the blue dragged down across the white for me..thank you for sharing

  19. I love your honest, as it happened, video! I really like your final choice – wonder if they might have looked nice with a little bit of metallic gold dry-brushed on the figures? Great video!

  20. This video cracked me up. How you kept changing your mind. Love the blue better.

  21. My favorite color is aqua & torquoise so I vote for the blue too 💙 Really cute!

  22. I love the blue these turned out pretty. Have a great weekend God bless

  23. Very pretty. I think a little bit of white on the shell would show it up better, I really enjoy your channel.

  24. White with blue and add gems or pearl to shell.

  25. All looked fine but the end result is my favorite. You have just given me a great idea for my newly painted bathroom. Tfs all your diys.

  26. I liked both ways. I will probally try the white first and then change it if It don't suit. Love the beach decor. Super cute. Love all your diys.

  27. I love the way they turned out. That the nice thing about crafting, you can change your mind until you get it right. Lol <3

  28. You did good. Using 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover on that glass works too. The blue is nice too.

  29. I love the end result. I do that too. My crafts always end up different than when I when I started. Thanks

  30. Like the sea horses and shell. They are so pretty blue. Have a bless weekend. Enjoy your videos.

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