Dollar Tree Basket Decor DIY / Large Storage Basket DIY

Dollar Tree Basket Decor DIY   / Large Storage Basket DIY

Hi everyone, these are 2 storage baskets that can be used pretty much in any room. Perfect for this summer season. This continues the series of Boho/Coastal DIYs. More to come… ♥♥♥♥
I hope you guys enjoy!♥

link to Planter DIY Video:

Supplies: DIY #1

2 waste baskets (Dollar Tree)
3 hats (Dollar Tree)
Plaster Chalk Paint (Walmart)
masking tape (Dollar Tree)
-fix-all adhesive (Dollar Tree)
or E6000
box cutter
glue gun w/ glue sticks (you’ll need lots)


Supplies: DIY #2

2 waste baskets (Dollar Tree)
3 bundles nautical rope 9.5ft (for lid) (Dollar Tree)
12 bundles nautical rope (for basket) (Dollar Tree)
-fix-all adhesive (Dollar Tree)
or E6000
box cutter
glue gun w/ glue sticks


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34 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Basket Decor DIY / Large Storage Basket DIY

  1. You did an amazing job on those items. Very creative!

  2. Baskets can be so expensive and this was just phenomenal. They looked so good. I’ll never look at those hats the same again lol. Great job!

  3. Love this! Would be pretty to leave it unpainted and let the color come through

  4. Very nice! Terrible long, unnecessary!

  5. WOW! i am new to your channel today. You blew me away with your first craft by thinking to cut apart those hats!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely AWESOME!!! And of course I loved the rope basket too! So many uses!!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I just love those basket you are so creative I want to try & do them thank you so much for sharing 👏😘

  7. Is it raffia ribbon or the pieces you took off the hat

  8. You are so talented. I love your projects.

  9. You never cease to amaze! Thank you for your creative designs! 👏😘

  10. Nice ideas! I noticed you were wearing the dollar tree silicone fingertip protector. I have those because I'm always burning my fingers with hot glue. They work great!

  11. This be obvious but, may I ask what the flame was for towards the end of the video? Thanks. Great tutorial.

  12. J F

    Thank you for the great craft ideas. Where do you get your finger protector?

  13. Thanks for sharing your video very good 👍👏

  14. These are the most clever diy's i have seen in a long time!!! I love these. A definite will do. Such a smart girl you are!!

  15. Wow I love it now I'm thinking about making one with a square can thanks for sharing

  16. Very ingenious! These are very nice and make great storage bins for light items while looking decorative. What was the original height of the container/bucket in DIY #1? Thank you.

  17. I would've NEVER thought of this❤❤wow!! Love the idea! Using the hats are genius!! Tyfs blessings

  18. This video was in my recommendation videos page watched it and subscribed very different and overall refreshing from others. Excellent job🌸

  19. Oh my goodness! Now I have to find a hat! How cute!!

  20. Absolutely, unbelievable. Excellent! Thank you for sharing. Peace

  21. I saw baskets and could not open the video fast enough. You deserve a 1000 likes. 😀😍

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I've been wanting to have a rope wrapped container tall enough for my umbrellas, and didn't know how to to create one. Your designs are beautiful and functional. I purchased silicone thimbles to stop burning my fingers; I'm so "un-handy" , I place them on all of my fingers when I use my glue gun 😄😄

    I'm now a subscriber. Once again, thank you.

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