Dollar Store DIY~Farmhouse Style Decor~Dollar Tree DIY~Dollar Store Home Decor~Cheap Home Decor

Dollar Store DIY~Farmhouse Style Decor~Dollar Tree DIY~Dollar Store Home Decor~Cheap Home Decor

Join me as I turn some dollar store finds into farmhouse style decorations!








MY ADDRESS: The White Cottage Company
P.O. Box 403
Berlin, OH 44610


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47 thoughts on “Dollar Store DIY~Farmhouse Style Decor~Dollar Tree DIY~Dollar Store Home Decor~Cheap Home Decor

  1. Great Video !! Thank you.

  2. Love your videos! So much inspiration … bought your book and I LOVE it. May I ask what font you use for the Keys Pens Misc project?

  3. I'm sitting on my bed watching this video and I'm thinking to myself wow that is a loud bird outside but then I realized that it was on the video

  4. Thank you for the cuties,their simple and sweet.

  5. I think I’m going to copy the bird bath. Thanks for the idea 😊

  6. Lovely! You are talented. God bless you for sharing

  7. I follow your channel and adore everything you do!
    Have you ever tried to use a spray grip for spray painting? Using one is so much more easier on the hand. They are less then $5. I got mine at Walmart.

  8. L C

    May God Bless YOU Mary! Thank You!

  9. I loved all your DIY’s. They inspire me to make some myself. Thank you for sharing and please make more of these videos they are awesome. God bless you 🙏🏼

  10. Mary, me gustan los decales pero seria posible que escribas algunos en otros idiomas como Espanol.?

  11. Proyecto @4 – Muy Bonkto pero necesita algo blanco

  12. Love your music…MARY MCASKILE

  13. Always the same, distressed white whit wallpaper or decals. I’m gone, no imagination, boring

  14. Do you ever mess up with anything ? Everything you do is so pretty.

  15. All of these projects are amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone! I really enjoy everything you make!

  16. Wonderful projects using Dollar Tree products! And I LOVE the music selection in your video…

  17. con certeza me inspirou muito obrigada Deus te abençoe

  18. Great unique projects! Thank you. Could you please share where you found those beautiful Adirondack chairs?

  19. Acho muito lindo todos os projetos que você faz. Parabéns!

  20. I was hoping to see some birds in the bird bath! 😁

  21. I LOVED this video! One of my favorites. I can see how I could easily use these ideas. You’re so clever!

  22. Great projects you are very talented !!! 😊❤️

  23. Thank you for bringing some calm to a crazy world.

  24. These are sweet!
    Bless your heart.

  25. Loved them all Mary!!! 😍😍😍😍

  26. New to your channel BUT long time Garden Answer fan!

  27. Hello Mary! After loving all your projects using the decal machine , I was reminded of a beautifully crafted wooden plank positioned in the kitchen of a classmate’s home : in a lovely font GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD
    This was in my high school days ( 60’s) so can imagine how it impressed me especially after admiring your scroll Our Father.

  28. In your intro, it doesn’t seem like it was picking up your lapel mic, but from the camera mic

  29. Great video as usual Mary. I don't know how large you can make a stencil but what about trying your hand at a very large bee, dragonfly and butterfly. Maybe using antique pictures of our fabulous pollinators on your pillows. Have you done any question and answer vids lately?

  30. Mary do you spray the letters to keep them on???

  31. You are so creative and I love the things that you do! On the board with the three baskets, I might do hooks instead of a basket for the keys but otherwise I love the look of it! I also like the first "window" project. I"m going to have to see if my Dollar General has similar frames. The topiary mug is so sweet! great inspiration!


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  33. I LOVED this video. I can do these at a low cost and they won’t take forever. More inexpensive and quick projects please. I’m ready for Fall and Christmas ideas as well. Get busy Mary we all love you!

  34. Such great projects-I can’t pick a favorite!

  35. Love all the projects you do! I have learned so much from you. I wanted to ask you- when you painted the glass, or the little baskets that you put on the board will the paint flake off and when you painted the plastic tub will it eventual crack? I was just wondering because I want to try and make some things myself. Thank you for sharing your great projects!!

  36. You are so clever and creative! I really liked the birdbath and the picture frame window the most! Great ideas!! 💫👏💫

  37. LOVE your channel. I just ordered your book and can't wait to get it! Can you tell me what transfer tape and vinyl you use? I recently bought a Cricket Joy for some small projects and am struggling with transferring vinyl. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  38. Amazing, I have a similar idea as the first one in my little book of 'videos to do' just need more time to get them done for my little channel, this is gorgeous

  39. You got a Garden Answer shirt!
    You are my favorite channel to go and learn to repurpose simple things on beautiful decor.
    Love Laura & Aaron channel.
    Glad to be a subscriber here.
    Greetings from North Texas.

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