Dollar Store Book Buying! | BrushesNBooks

Dollar Store Book Buying! | BrushesNBooks

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Hey guys! Check out this dollar store book haul! I highly encourage you to check out your local dollar stores for amazing prices on books!

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I’m Nicole, a 23 year-old Canadian science (Bio) nerd who’s taking a year off after finishing university! During this break from school I’m looking forward to sharing my new-found love of reading and art with you guys! On this channel I hope to strike up conversation, grow a community, and have some fun! I think we can all motivate each other to read more and to discuss what we read in a respectful and valuable manner. Join me in giving Booktube a try here on BrushesNBooks!

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2 thoughts on “Dollar Store Book Buying! | BrushesNBooks

  1. Yes love bargain books!! Oooo I’m intrigued by the most magical girl.
    Someone comment on a video of mine recently and requested I do a haul from dollar tree and I had no idea what dollar tree was!! So I had to look it up. Unfortunately we don’t have dollar tree stores here in Australia. We do have $2 shops but they don’t sell books 😭

  2. Dollar Tree does indeed have books. Usually. Dollar Trees are kind of all over the place, so you never know what you'll find there. I've even seen packs of comic books for sale. The Dollar General stores that proliferate the U.S. also have pretty good selections of books usually. A while back I bought a ton of horror books. I save them up for those long winter nights. But they also tend to have good selections of fantasy, romance, westerns….Even children's books. A good place to shop for books on a budget. And they're not all no-name authors. Finally, some of my best hauls have been thrift shops. Just recently I went to my local Humane Society Thrift shop and walked out with the first five Stephen King hardback novels….IN FIRST EDITION! For a buck a piece! Not bad! And I helped some animals out. Everybody wins! Great video! Review Children of the Fleet when you get through it! Curious as to what your take on it will be. I've got a ton of Orson Scott Card books. He writes in a multitude of genres, even though he mostly specializes in sci-fi. Have a great weekend!

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