Dollar General Penny Shopping For Beginners for RETAIL ARBITRAGE

Dollar General Penny Shopping For Beginners for RETAIL ARBITRAGE

Super Dollar General Penny Shopping For Beginners for RETAIL ARBITRAGE. Join me as i go penny shopping at dollar general for the FIRST TIME EVER. My first time i scored some items! These items i will be using personally as well as selling some of them on Amazon FBA and eBay, finding these items by RETAIL ARBITRAGE.

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48 thoughts on “Dollar General Penny Shopping For Beginners for RETAIL ARBITRAGE

  1. Hey! Here are a few things that should be stated for those who have never heard of “penny items” or “Penny item Tuesday” 😊 Technically each store is supposed to pull all of those “pennied out” items off the shelves to be sent back to the warehouses. It should be accomplished before they open on Tuesday. There is no official Dollar General penny item Tuesday. If you’re lucky enough to find some of the items then they must sell it to you for the penny. You should NEVER go into a Dollar General and ask “where are the Penny items for today??”. If the employees are doing their jobs, they’ll tell you that they have no idea what you’re talking about, that there is no such thing. The stores where you find a bunch of the items, are stores where the employees just really don’t care if they pull the items or not. Just wanted to throw this out there because your video kind of gives the impression that penny day is an “official” Dollar general sale day and its not. 😉 Btw, I enjoy watching your videos 😊

  2. Plus. Some stores JUSS SUCK

  3. Can dooal gener turn ur WiFi off in stoe

  4. Were you taking the price sticker off the bottles? lol, um, why?

  5. You are in Champaign in this video!!!! Is this where you live?! Or near by? I do retail arbitrage too!

  6. I dont understand the whole color dots and codes and such. Can anyone explain?

  7. Boo! What's a good video editor?

  8. I was like yes yes it is. The kids mucinex and midnight penny

  9. I see 11 penny items right there

  10. Where do I get the penny list

  11. Went today. Found 9 items. 😀

  12. How do you know its a penny do you have the list or are they old and you memorized

  13. That store is so so big omg i wish ours was that ig because ours are not….i am in vegas nv

  14. OMG u left soooo many penny items. Ughhh I was wanting to yell. Good luck next time maybe u will be able to identify them easier.

  15. 1. Why would you not share how to find the list?
    2. Why would you not share the app?

    Do you know what " beginners" means?

  16. The Dollar General stores near me pull the "penny" items really quick. Just once have I been lucky enough to get something for a penny in DG and it was purely by accident.

  17. Where did you get the list of codes that you are comparing them too? Thanks 👍🏻

  18. So How can you tell they are penny item. Do they have a price scanner? You keep mentioning 14.98, what does that mean?

  19. How do you know these are penny items?

  20. Too many ads in your videos lately!

  21. I live right down the street from that Dollar General! Crazy to see you making your runs around the CU 🙂

  22. but you took off that sticker and tossed it hmm

  23. How do you know the items are one penny?

  24. Wow! That store has tons of empty racks!!

  25. Penny items is only Tuesdays or any day.

  26. Awesome Video as always Shane take care and Stay Safe and Drive Safe my friend

  27. I must have screenshot 50 comments no joke Shane Thanks for Sharing this great tip👍👍👍👍🙏

  28. Maybe it’s just me but watching you walk around is not very interesting. Might be why there are so few likes to views.

  29. Items DO NOT Penny every tues. sometimes the list is short other times it is a lot of items sometimes NOTHING will Penny out. Tuesday is the day DG registers reset the new wkly prices so it is best day to penny shop to find the items. If you find more than 1 of anything on the list BUY ALL THE ITEMS – because if you buy one then the store employee knows they did not pull it and will go and take it off the is not selfish to buy all ,you can resell, donate or gift the items you do not want or need.

  30. great vid, very inspirational 👍

  31. What are you scanning it with?

  32. How do I find out what items pennied that week?

  33. My dollar general doesn't have a clearance section. And def, no penny items. Beat I did was post Christmas clearance .25 cents for some holiday decorations.

  34. Where do you research the items at?

  35. Just FYI if you haven't heard, Keepa is charging monthly fee for sales rank now!

  36. You did a video about kids sleeping bags and mention some would need to be "poly wrapped." Where did you get the clear plastic bags (poly wrap)? I can't find those. Probably calling it the wrong thing. Thx.

  37. What's the name of that app you use to check prices? That looks handy

  38. This is a pretty good video Shane. I have scored good items on my penny items at the DG. There is a lady who runs a resale shop and she normally gets it and I let her. she is cool so I just pass on by!

  39. what do the people say when you go in and get it all?

  40. You are a fuxkin beast bro….. 😎😎

  41. Penny Finder app, your welcome everyone.

  42. How do you find out which items are for a penny?

  43. I went to our local Dollar General and found all of these penny items. Once we got to the register to buy them she said oh I cannot sell these things to you they have to be returned to corporate. Sorry.

  44. Great video as usual Shane! But how could you tell it was a penny item? According to the comment from the viewer. They don;t advertise the penny items? Is it actually price marked.

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