Does retail arbitrage work on Ebay?

Does retail arbitrage work on Ebay?

Superb Let’s ship and talk about my Ebay sales. I am shipping out 5 items, a couple are RA items. Is this a viable strategy to source items for Ebay?

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Links to Items I Use (yes, they are affiliate links to help support the channel) Heat Gun for removing stickers Camera for Videos Web Cam Printer for FBA labels and shipping labels Microphone for YT live shows Headphones Camera for interview videos and ebay pictures Bar code scanner 2nd Bar code Scanner Scotty Peelers to remove stickers Box Resizer Poly bag set Dymo Labels Hand cart 3 n 1 Make-up wedges Ronsonol lighter fluid

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32 thoughts on “Does retail arbitrage work on Ebay?

  1. How do you know that an item is discontinued when you are out and about shopping?

  2. Enjoy your video as always. My question what method do you use to pay monthly sales tax on eBay

  3. Do you offer those on auction or just resale on Ebay? Go LSU Tigers lol

  4. Can you use a digital food scale to weigh things?

  5. how do you get the bay poly mailers?

  6. How much did you list them for?? The lysol that had nothing listed on eBay.

  7. And just how do you find things like "expired" soap? And from personal experience, soap is good for on average several years. that's just a marketing ploy to make you think it'll get you sick or something but it just might not smell as strong.

  8. Found a case of that paper tape last week while out scrounging. Dispenser didn't come with it, unfortunately.

  9. When selling an expired product like the Lysol do you have to put the expiration date in the description

  10. Did you label Johnny Cash or the other so you know which is which?

  11. Wassup BP – Were the listings 'Auction' or 'Buy Now'?

  12. GEM

    I think in another video you said you got the tape machine used. Where did you find that and what kind of tape is that? I bought some 'heavy duty shipping' tape and it's the crappiest. I have no idea why it was recommended. That shiz falls off the box so easily.

  13. Great video!! Lots of great information… and thanks again for watching my live stream last night!

  14. Fellow seller here. off topic, but what brand beard balm to you recommend?

  15. I just found 10 brand new in plastic, Mr. Rogers 4 disc movies for 99c a piece at goodwill, they sell for around 12.50 on ebay

  16. hey love your tape machine. can you give a link to it for us. thanks

  17. Do you have a particular site to find discontinued items. Thanks. Love your vids

  18. BP if you had a long stocking cap on you'd look like a christmas gnome! Love your videos…

  19. I use super glue on cuts, works great

  20. If I sell any shampoo or anything that has a lid that can come open and leak while shipping i tape the top down. Is that a good idea or should i stop?

  21. All good stuff! Retail arbitrage for eBay is not dead. So the trick is finding the items.

  22. QUESTION: Bearded, I think weeks ago you mentioned insurance for your eBay reselling. If this was you, can you explain more about how you searched for and decided on insurance?
    ReSALE Rafa

  23. Once again I got unsubscribed… not sure why YouTube does this so often

  24. $171 for soap??? that must be some magic F*&#@! soap

  25. Iโ€™ve been selling on eBay for a while, seriously the last year. Where do you suggest I go to learn the Amazon platform?

  26. On Pirate you can also do .25 .50 .75 to the inch measurements, eBay you need round up to next inch

  27. Nice video, would terapeak be a good tool for eBay arbitrage? Thinking about moving up to the basic store, to get it. Do u use terapeak?

  28. Note to Scott : Do not volunteer to package gifts at the Church Christmas Giveaways.

  29. Great vid! Those discontinued items can be like gold…

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