DIY X3 Fall Farmhouse Goodwill Upcycle Decor

DIY X3 Fall Farmhouse Goodwill Upcycle Decor

Superb Here are 3 (+1/2) DIY Fall Farmhouse Decorating Ideas.

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27 thoughts on “DIY X3 Fall Farmhouse Goodwill Upcycle Decor

  1. Love the pumpkin. Wish I had seen this before I bought a bunch from Joannes!

  2. Wow I love these I wish our goodwill or thrift stores were that cheap with such good stuff but our typically are really expensive and don’t have that great of finds

  3. Kay McComic
    Terrific as usual. You seem to be able to just pull ideas from your hat – wish I had your ability!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Wendy!! You really have got me hooked! Just subscribed, but am watching all of your older videos! You really give us a bang for our buck with three or four ideas per video! Wondering where you got your glue gun. It sure looks like a powerful one. Oh, by the way, just in case you forget – "I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!!" Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  5. I love your epicycle project .

  6. I would love to be able to find a wire rack like this so I could make one for my kitchen. I just love it.

  7. Your free hand lettering is absolutely gorgeous! I only found you a few days ago but have watched several of your videos. I love every one of them. So happy to have found you.

  8. Your crafts rock! Please make more garlands for Christmas!

  9. Luv them all, especially the milk bottles ♡♡

  10. I love how beautifully you can write!

  11. I'm lovin' the milk bottle crate and the banner. The black and white is both simple and dramatic at the same time. Great projects!

  12. Love your crafts – your lettering is beautiful!

  13. I love all of them and love how you show the mistake and then fix them prefect. Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family. 💖 From North Carolina

  14. We don't seem to do autumn crafts here in England like you do with the pumpkin but I found it very interesting looking forward to the next one xx

  15. I like seeing your thought process even as you change your mind🙂

  16. I love the milk bottles rack. I'm glad you didn't paint them.🏜🌵🌺
    Your handwriting is beautiful!

  17. Just found you and am a new subscriber. Currently binge watching your tutorials. I love buffalo check and you are so creative. Love your handwriting, wish I could just buy some tags from you. Kidding, not kidding. Keep up this series, I love it! <3 Hugs

  18. I just started watching you over the weekend, and I was very impressed by your creativity. I like the fact that you show us your changes when you’re not satisfied with the project. Your penmanship is lovely and your deliver a very understandable lesson. I love buffalo checked projects too, but I hope that you present some traditional colors for Christmas projects. I subscribed after the first viewing. Keep it up!

  19. Oh all of your projects turned out so beautiful. I'm a new subscriber. Thank you for sharing ♡

  20. I loved your pumpkins after you put all the beautiful ribbon. We had a ball making pumpkins. We made them out of everything we could think of. It was nice it hot others involved. We made some out toilet paper rolls and clay. I love your garland, your handwriting is so nice.

  21. I love all your beautiful projects I think you are very creative and very talented they look very nice how you displayed them in your house. It looks like you have a beautiful house I would like to see a tour of it whenever time allows it. Thanks for sharing with us and have a blessed day!!

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