DIY outdoor Summer decor ~ inexpensive ways to update outdoor decor

DIY outdoor Summer decor ~ inexpensive ways to update outdoor decor

Hi friends!
On this video I work on several DIYs for my backyard outdoor space. I kept it inexpensive by just updating last year’s decorations and buying at the Dollar store.
The paint in used for the flower pots is by Glidden in the color Teal

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42 thoughts on “DIY outdoor Summer decor ~ inexpensive ways to update outdoor decor

  1. What a great idea using a lounge cushion for pillows

  2. Great colors! Love the painted pots and button hooks🥰

  3. You are talented. Good to see you can sew do you quilt?

  4. Cute table and those pillows came out so cute!!! I am impressed with those pillows!

  5. I love the pot with the round wood piece! I just love everything you do! Lol Totally my style! ❤️

  6. Looks nice. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe and well ♡

  7. CC

    Lovely and bright, love the end table. Thanks for the inspiration

  8. My word…What animal did they shave for that cushion 😱lolololol… is it wool❓😂🤣😂🤣

  9. Great DIY's! I love that teal color. The stuffing looks like remnants from a dog grooming salon! 😀

  10. I love all your summer upgrades. Very colorful colors for summer.

  11. I'm so in love with the colors you chose!! Your deck area looks so summery and fun!! I love the table!!! Great job!! 💜💜

  12. Stuffing does look weird. Looks like hair. 😳

  13. LOL That stuffing looks like little moles… I am laughing so hard- It was gross looking. Beautiful work as always, Lianep. Hugs, mama xoxoxo

  14. Everything looks awesome. My son tore a pillow and it had that same stuffing. He was mortified . He ran up to me and said "mom are these people hanging out at the Petco groomers and stuffing our pillows with dog hair?" LOL

  15. Looks so summery and pretty! That stuffing from the dollar tree cushion could be from anything, cause most of it comes from China. .. I like all the colours though. Did you paint the stones in the flower pot at the end? They're so cute!😊🌼🌞💐

  16. Love the colour u used..great idea with that lounch is so pretty and relaxing..tyfs♡

  17. I love color, bright colors for outside, and more neutral inside with pops of color here and there. I like all you did.

  18. I have not been in any stores since March 14th and I’m soooo ready for thrift and dollar stores! Your finds r sooo cute! I just made over our 15 yo welcome mat and it’s amazing what a lil paint can do. It looks new! Thank u for all the inspiration! Hugs n blessings! ❤️

  19. really like the print in the cushions…like that you painted the pots in the aqua…..

  20. I agree with your daughter! 🤪🤪🤪I think the round piece would look better on the top. Lol

  21. That stuffing reminds me of animals fur….lol!

  22. I LOVE all your color choices. VERY pretty & those towel hooks are so CUTE. Did you get those at DT?

  23. Hi! Such a cute makeover. I love the pop of color! Those towel hooks are so cute! Teal is such a beautiful and fun color.
    Loved what you did to make the pillows! Such a wonderful share. Have a blessed day!🥰❤️❤️🌼🌸

  24. Love your ideas and patio area.

  25. That is such a good idea with the outside cushions,you're the best,i'm still waiting on my sowing michine ,i have one from like the 60's it still works kind of i have to check it out, ana,thank you!ox

  26. MJS

    Cute accessories. Looks nice😻

  27. I love that you let your helpers get into the dirt with you!! Mine did, too! (And they loved putting their hands in flour when I baked bread!) Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the encouragement to get some pretty items for my planters!!

  28. It’s simple but so cute! Thanks for sharing 😉💐

  29. 🌻 All Turned-Out very Nice !!! Can you Buy a Larger Round Piece of Wood, like Table -Top Size ? I have an Idea. You could've used the Glue-Gun and Glued the Bottom of the Pillow's. Were they very Expensive ? All the Color's were Nice for Summer. Have a Nice Day. TFS. 😊

  30. I'm loving that color. Everything looks amazing girl

  31. Great job!!!😊😊😊😊

  32. Great job! Looks great. I love the color and those towel holders. I never thought of separating a large cushion to make more pillows love that !

  33. I love the color and pattern on the pillows. It was very creative to take apart the lounge pillow to make smaller ones.

  34. That stuffing is really weird, looks like animal fur. Everything turned out great.

  35. Hi Lianep, love the fabric on those cushions, it is sweet! The color you painted the pots is perfect, excellent summer vibes!! Take care and thanks for sharing!

  36. The painted and not painted Potts are very pretty. No wonder you do such nice work, you have 4 hands. 👽
    Using Glidden paint is smart. It helps the paint stand up to the elements.

    Your pillows look wonderful. Maybe the stuffing is made of something that prevents mold and repels water.

  37. Very pretty and summery. You could get some binding tape for your pillows. That would take care of the seams and add another detail to them.

  38. Looks good! I got the same pillows for my outdoor rockers!

  39. Lmao the first time I saw that stuffing is when my wee dog Hairy Pawter, who is a serial killer of stuffed animals, had murdered a toy from Family Dollar! I walked around my bed and saw it and freaked! 😂
    It looked like a rat or something like that and I jumped, which of course got him all excited thinking I was wanting to play! So I think it's recycled fiber but good LORD it's UGLY!!!
    But A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S I love the DIYS and I can't wait to plant some flowers in my yard!
    Everything looks beautiful 💗

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