DIY Halloween prop //Rat corpsing.

DIY Halloween prop //Rat corpsing.

Amazing Ms. Debbie is going to show you how to turn a Dollar store rat skeleton in to an awesome corpsed out Sewer Rat.

These techniques can be used for corpsing any small skeleton. All you need is some liquid latex, a few sheets of tissue, hobby paints and maybe some fake fur, to get great results.

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7 thoughts on “DIY Halloween prop //Rat corpsing.

  1. I literally just bought this skeleton from the 99p store here in England, they also have a bird. If there are more of these where you are could just give us some more ideas please?

  2. Great stuff. I would be nice to see audience reactions during Halloween

  3. The rats are adorbs! Happy Haunting!! 🐀

  4. Great how to Thanks for sharing !! HFL!!

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