DIY Halloween Decor | DIY Cloche

DIY Halloween Decor | DIY Cloche

Great So this is a two for one on this lovely #sundiy! I am showing you how I DIY’ed a cloche which I will be using for florals, plants, etc after this Holiday season is over! And I am showing you how I put a DIY Halloween Decor twist on it. Now obviously you don’t need to decorate the inside of the DIY cloche how I did mine! Get creative! I love seeing what you guys are DIY’ing whether it’s this DIY or an older one. Be sure to hashtag #livingtodiy or slide into my DM’s and share them with me! Stay rad xx.

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DIY Cloche
Round wood base – this is an 8 inch from Michael’s
Paint or stain if you wish to change the color
Soda bottle
Clear ornament
Clear nail polish

DIY Halloween Decor
I recycle a skeleton arm from my DIY skull sconce video
Dollar Store flower
Cocktail rings I had laying around
Metal sheers
Hot glue
Heat gun or lighter
White, black and grey paint
Hand saw
Various paint brushes

I Dunno by Grapes
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31 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Decor | DIY Cloche

  1. thank you SOO much because ive never wanted to buy one of these!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great job! Can I share your video on my channel?

  3. Hello i really like your İdea ❤️ , can you help me to found that hand ?

  4. Nice way to recycle /reuse materials instead of just throwing them out.

  5. That was a great ideal.I want to make me one.Thanks for sharing.God Bless You.MeMe

  6. I super love this idea. Im definetly gonna try this one for my room decor. Thank you. So much love. ❤

  7. So awesome! Gonna definitely make one for Christmas decor!

  8. great idea, great thumbnail too!!

  9. Such a cool idea Rachel! Another amazing Halloween DIY!!

  10. I love this so cute & simple easy steps

  11. without the hand it could work as Beauty&Beast theme centre piece

  12. one of the best diys ive seen! I love the versatility of the cloche and how easy and in expensive it is to make yet it looks like it costs alot more!!!

  13. Love! Needed this idea 💀🥀

  14. Halloween or Gothic crafts are my favourite! Love it!👍

  15. Nice Super good-looking Cloche pops out nice. A good day to you Rachel Much Love.

  16. This is good 💕👌I believe even a Halloween movie 🎥 would use this diy

  17. Hellllll yes I freakin love this!!!! Beauty and beast vibes 😍😍😍😍😍

  18. This is so great Rachel, another one I'm excited to do, lol I'm making waaay too many trips to the Dollar store 😘

  19. That is so cool! You are so creative😃

  20. Love how it's a bit different from the normal scary Halloween stuff 🤘🏻love from the uk🇬🇧x

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