DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece | Dollar Tree and Dollar General Farmhouse Decor 2018

DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece | Dollar Tree and Dollar General Farmhouse Decor 2018

Hello Beauties, Today I will be showing you how I created a Farmhouse Centerpiece for my Dinning Table. I will be using Dollar Tree and Dollar General items to create this beautiful centerpiece.

Thank you so much for stopping by my channel I hope you have a blessed day! Until next time bye and God Bless!

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38 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece | Dollar Tree and Dollar General Farmhouse Decor 2018

  1. Hola, acabo de encontrar este canal, y me encanta. Una pregunta, tienes algún otro canal en español??

  2. New subbie 👋🏻 ! LOVE your channel. Everything came out beautiful. I couldn't help but notice at the :32, :47, & :55 second marks, something was floating by your beautiful face. Did anyone else see that ? Oh well, maybe just part of editing. Anyways, great job🤗

  3. So pretty and chic!! I love your blouse/ shirt. Where did you get it?

  4. Love this and love the idea of painting the little doll furniture!!!

  5. i love it looks nice 🙂 im loving the tray 🙂

  6. I have been looking online for a tray like that. I'm headed to Dollar General today for the tray.

  7. Very pretty!! So clever painting the doll furniture!! Tfs💜

  8. LOVE this DIY. Your creativity with the watering can is great, everything goes together so well and the pop of red is perfect!

  9. Omg I just noticed you live in Alice TX. My brother in law lives there. Al my moms side of family is in texas around mainly Gonzalez and some en Houston, everywhere else lol.i got that tray from D.G also. Great DIY

  10. So so cute!! Tyfs! your great ideas😍

  11. You have fairies in your house… Did you see the balls of light at the beginning? Did anybody see them?

  12. Love it! I'm definitely doing this. Just the other day I bought candlesticks and the milk jars. Going to Dollar General this week to get that tray. Tfs!

  13. I love this! I have those dollar tree items. I may have to upcycle them into something better after watching your amazing video. Ty!

  14. This is awesome!! You are AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!! I do not understand why people put down thumbs on here?? Like really?? I mean I don't understand why YouTube has it on here. But I'm so sorry that people act like that thanks for sharing!! 🌷🌼🌻

  15. Love , love your Diys. Your centerpiece is so pretty and it looks so good on your table . Can't wait to see your next Diy .I always notice your nails too, they always look so pretty.

  16. I love your ideas! What a coincidence, I have family in Alice and also Hebbronville!

  17. Belinda it's beautiful!! Did you redo your table top yourself? If so, did you happen to do a diy? Courious, and thinking about doing that to mine but just a little bit apprehensive, lol

  18. Love this!!! So pretty and clean….Love farmhouse décor…..Thanks….

  19. So pretty Belinda!
    I have the same one from DG 😊⚘

  20. This is the most beautiful! Looove it. Definitely gonna do this tfs!!

  21. So pretty and elegant this xoxo

  22. Once again Belinda, its beautiful. And if u d mind me saying, your spirit shines beautifully thruout ur soul. I d evn k u, but i love u. I love ur ending ' God Bless'! Idt we hear it enuf anymore. Keep up the awesome work u do with ur videos💙 And thank you for sharing them.

  23. Very farmhouse & beautifully done.

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