DIY Farmhouse Spring Decor / DIY Dollar Store Spring Decor

DIY Farmhouse Spring Decor / DIY Dollar Store Spring Decor

Amazing DIY farmhouse spring decor made with items from Dollar Tree! Rustic farmhouse spring DIY decorations for 2019 that are budget friendly & can be made with items from dollar tree.

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34 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Spring Decor / DIY Dollar Store Spring Decor

  1. This diy’s are so versatile I’m thinking moss hearts for Valentine’s Day seashells, pumpkins or sunflowers they are awesome !!!

  2. Yay! First time I actually got to see what you look like. 😁I love your videos and each project is exactly my taste in decorating. Thanks for your inspiration.

  3. You are great. You make do with what you have at hand. Love you!

  4. I have same glass bottles I chalk painted1 of mine. Put flowers inside!! Thank you Megan❤Your awesome..🌻❤

  5. I adore you Megan! Love your vibe and style your relaxed and like that! Thank you for sharing most of all thank you for being you!! Love your video's I have been watching a few videos if rope a lot of rope lol. I love❤Rope twine!! I'm looking to add more furniture in my home. I'm a mom of a 12 yr. Love antiques goodwill thrift store shopping. Look forward to making a lot of craft's similar with my own style lol. Take care Megan. Your totally awesome with your love for all your wreaths.. That's awesome tho!! Can you do a later in your DIY? I would love that!! Take care have a great week!!❤😁🌻👍

  6. Love the bunnies and the color of your hair. I told "the ole man" when I am totally gray, I will go red. I am almost there😂. Thanks for another great video !! ✌🏻❤

  7. Your so awesome!!, stay real!!!

  8. Great ideas looks store bought! TFS

  9. Ur wreath is beautiful n the Bunnies are adorable , love that make it instead of alway's buying it. The stuff u make would cost way more in the store's . N making it means more .😀tfs

  10. I love your no frills straight forward and honest tutorials and great makes xx

  11. The wreath is so beautiful 😍 love colors too~!
    ❤️Thanks for your sharing ~! ❤️

  12. I love that wreath, too! I just wish that I could find the lamb’s ear in my area 🙁. I may have to order from somewhere…hate doing that…postage ridiculous! The bunny project, sooo cute. 😊👍🏻🐰

  13. You are so down to earth! I love your sense of humor! Great ideas, I'm loving your videos!

  14. I'm so in love with the chicken wire project!!!😍😍 I want to recreate it too!! I have a frame that is perfect for this!! I have never seen the lavender or lambs ear piks at Walmart!! I'm headed there tomorrow!! Tfs your Fabulous creations!!🐰🥕🐇

  15. I love those bunnies! I've been hanging onto some little white pickets that I scavenged. I've been wondering what I could use them for and I think a bunny or three would be perfect! Thanks for the ideas!!! 🐰💟

  16. Love your content …. creative and very budget friendly! 👏👏👏

  17. Megan,I think we are possibly from the same bloodline some how. You are about as serious as I am lol. Not fake 🐰🐑🐥🐣🐤😁

  18. very pretty wreath. New to your channel love it.

  19. I LOVE these and your hot glue fork 😂. I will definitely be making these.

  20. Love!!! You are so talented. Thanks for the ideas!

  21. So pretty thanks for sharing 🤗

  22. Following you on Instagram!

  23. Just started following your IG page!

  24. Very beautiful I especially love the wreath. Well the bunnies are super cute too!

  25. I love the Walmart LAVENDER I had a $3 one last night on my buggy and it has so much dust on it my sweater was covered, I ended up putting it back .which I regret I prob could of sprayed it with something maybe once home ? Any suggestions

  26. I am diggin your wreath too….totally my style and wreaths like that can be up to 50 bucks! Love all your DIY Farmhouse Decor!!!

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