DIY Farmhouse Home Decor ft Dollartree: Summer 2019 Diy

DIY Farmhouse Home Decor ft Dollartree: Summer 2019 Diy

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DIY Farmhouse Home Decor




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23 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Home Decor ft Dollartree: Summer 2019 Diy

  1. I like that you doing red and white in your place I'm doing blue and black and mind but I think I want to lighten it up and do maybe blue and white cuz my furniture is blue I wish I knew how to send you a picture of it and what colors I could do with this blue furniture

  2. They are pretty but without the spheres

  3. I am having trouble hearing your vids. Even with headset. Sorry.

  4. You are unbelievably creative beautiful queen you sure have a gift 💖💖God bless you gorgeous ❤❤❤

  5. I love your intro music! It's my little jam😊

  6. I don't like the orbs, but the centerpieces are beautiful. The color of the orbs and the counter top don't go together. Maybe that what it is.

  7. Nice job Diedra! Very nice! I like the orbs. Nice contrast but to each their own. f you got tired of the flowers, I wonder how twinkle lights might look in them or around them? Maybe nice for a change of season or other holidays.

  8. I like it with the black & white balls. Beautiful as always.

  9. I like it without the balls! Cute idea!

  10. Deidra, black/White balls will be nice as centerpiece for your coffee table. "Beautiful" just a thought.

  11. Hey Deidra very nice I like it both ways to be honest 😘❤️❤️

  12. Beautiful with the black and white balls lol!❤

  13. Deidra , Deja is right you don't need black/white balls. I like flower by themselves. Very beautiful center piece. You did good job. ☺👍👍👍👍😎

  14. The orbs look great. It realy looks nice very summery.🌹

  15. You did a awesome job I love it 🥰

  16. My new project! Beautiful Deidra. You did that! I think the jars look nice without the orbs on the counter. Looking forward to more decor and projects❤❤

  17. I cannot hear you on this video

  18. You are a "Jack-of-all-trade"….just 💘 your videos…keep them com'n….

  19. Am i first???

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