DIY dollar tree Halloween decor

DIY dollar tree Halloween decor

Great Tons said yes to holiday Diy’s so here we go. I started with 2 easy Halloween DIY
Hope you enjoy. And keep an eye out for Thanksgiving & Christmas diys too these next few months along with every day Diy’s.

All from dollar tree

1 rug of your choice
Paints (for pumpkin)( I used Waverly paints)
Light orange (mix orange with white)
krylon sealant spray paint 2 coats

Witches hat
1 set of cones (toy area)
Spray paint black
Ribbons of your choice
Vintage lace
Burlap (white &black zigzag design)
1 feather scarf (toy area)

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15 thoughts on “DIY dollar tree Halloween decor

  1. Splendid job on you pumpkin and witch hats! Very creative!

  2. did you get the pumpkin at the dollar tree also?

  3. yesssss Halloween diys πŸ™‚

  4. Love both of these diy's! Especially the pumpkin rug, I definitely going to give this a try! Tyfs.😊

  5. You nailed that pumpkin! It looks amazing! You're such a good artist. Love the witches hats. You're just amazing!

  6. Love both of these πŸ’• the welcome make is really cute…And the cones made such awesome witch hats 😍

  7. The dot of hot glue to keep your ribbon tidy on the roll is an awesome idea! I will be stealing that one for sure. Luv, luv, luv these decor pieces!

  8. How fun- I am going to try to paint – pray for me!! TFS

  9. Love the witch hats!!! Amazing!!!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  10. Wow, your pumpkin turned out great, you painted it perfectly. And your witch hats are adorable. Great Diys Violet. Tfs

  11. Have you tried a textile medium? It helps the paint soak into any type of fabric. I haven’t tried on a rug yet but I plan on it. The process is the same as you are using then afterwards taking an old fabric use a dry iron to β€œsoak” the paint into the fabric. Then seal it.

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