Hi Guys! Today I’ll be sharing some simple, but gorgeous dollar tree farmhouse spring decorations.
This project is made with #dollartree and #walmart supplies. My home has a farmhouse decor style and this project fits the modern farmhouse and rustic decor style.

I love showing you how to make budget friendly home decor pieces that look high end. For the most part, I stopped shopping home decor stores like home goods, Pier1, TJMaxx, Ross and others. Being able to transition home decor season to season and change up decorating style is important, but it doesn’t come cheap!

Decorating for every style and season, while having a high end look can be difficult and expensive, especially if you have a tight decorating budget. In this video and all DIY videos, I show you how to give your home and every space in your home a boost with DIY decorating projects.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the Dollar Tree shopping hauls to accomplish this. Dollar tree budget friendly decorating is my favorite, but you can find inexpensive home decor pieces or supplies for do it yourself projects at other places like Goodwill, Habitat Restore, shopping clearance sections, using coupons, yard sales and Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find free stuff!

Araceli Chan DIY is the channel for:
Organization and decorating ideas on a budget. Budget friendly room decor. Dollar Tree DIY decorating. DIY home decor dupes for less. Decorating ideas to transform any space in your home and more!

*Other DIYs in this video*
Farmhouse Dining Room Collage Wall
Lemon Tray Stand
Rope Hurricane Candle Holder

Joann’s Place & Time Spring Large Round Woven Pot Basket
*DOLLAR TREE SUPPLIES* Some of which can be used for multiple projects!
*Ring Planter*
2 Wire Wreath Rings
1 Nautical Rope or Walmart Jute Rope
1 Round Glass Candleholder, 3.5 in.
Floral Foam

2 Smooth Glass Hurricane Candleholders, 4 in.
2 Cermic Fragrance Warmers
Nautical Rope
Floral Foam

For precise cutting get this Exacto Knife Kit
Measuring Square
White Apple Barrel Paint
Pewter Gray Apple Barrel Paint
Black Apple Barrel Paint
Craft Smart Assorted Acrylic Pain

Cold Summer –
Fresh Fallen Snow –

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Hot Glue Gun
Gorilla Hot Glue
Wood Burning Tool
Exacto Knife Kit

What I use to film:
Camera Kit
Memory Card
Memory Card Reader
Mac Book
My Passport for Mac External Hard Drive
Ring Light 14 inches
Ring Light 18 inches
Light Stand
Umbrella Lights



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  1. Love them… will try hoop planter

  2. Did you put anything in the opening for the candle

  3. Love the hanging plant diy, actually just bought almost everything for these and I'm going to make this! YAY!

  4. Woow me encanto gracias x compartir 👍

  5. I just love your decor, there quick and easy. We are in the process of selling our house and moving back east. I am making a list of the ones I plan on doing for our new home.

  6. Omgosh, totally love the plant ring holder. I'll definitely will have to make that one.

  7. Hey Araceli I'm obsessed with your stuff but I'm frustrated with YouTube. When I first checked YouTube your video was first or second on my feed but I couldn't watch it at that time. A few hours later I'm specifically trying to watch this but the video was so hidden on my feed I couldn't find it!! I'm not sure why it's so hard to find your stuff! Would you want to ask people to get your videos to 5,000 like? Bargain Bethany does that and her videos tend to be high on my feed. You deserve more recognition your stuff is AMAZING! Keep up the good work! I love your creativity!

  8. Omg pool noodles for floral foam yeeess🤗 why didn't I think of that love that idea❣

  9. I love the hoop planter. It is stunning. I am inspired to make my sweet mother one for mother's day. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to your next video

  10. Yay! I love the style with the hoops! I think decor with them always is so fun. Loved seeing how you made it your own and seriously so affordable. Great DIYs lady 🖤

  11. Those were lovely, you always do a great job on your dupes!

  12. I love them all, so creative and different

  13. OMG! They are all beautiful! I'm going to try All of them! !

  14. I like all of them I'm going to try the ring one

  15. Girl, Beautiful Dollar Tree Spring Decor Dupe!!! Only 4 Dollars!!! You Go Girl!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  16. Beautiful and cheap… love them all

  17. I like the planter with the wire,TFS

  18. I love them all as well,and the greenery looks pretty good for dollartree,they've improved with their plants etc.

  19. Love them all. Love from Michigan

  20. I absolutely love the hoop planter you copied!!! Yours is every bit as beautiful! And it gave you $20 more you can spend at $🌳!!!! 😉

  21. These turned out great!!! Definitely need to make one. And I love your videos!

  22. The planters are real cute, very crafty & those noodles have good uses. I can’t believe you got all that dollar tree. I like them very much.

  23. All of them are fantastic, I love the hoop one best. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Love that hoop planter ! Can’t wait to try !

  25. Thank You Araceli for mixing in some everyday decor videos, I love seasonal (Christmas, Easter etc.) but after a couple months of that …this girl needs a break! 😏

  26. Really beautiful the round one 😍. You have a wonderful voice

  27. Love. then there beautiful thank you for doing videos .

  28. Love this , thanks for sharing

  29. Your planter up cycles are great. I especially like the planter dupe. I saw someone haul big rings from Walmart. If anyone wants a sturdier ring they may find them there. I wonder if the small hula hoops would work on a large planter outside.

  30. Love it specially the ring one.

  31. Love this DIY very pretty! Dollar tree is one of the best store to me too 🙂👍👍👍left a like 1436 and new friend 🙂 you are cool!

  32. I love these! I feel like when I search Dollar Tree DIYs on YouTube they all start looking the same but yours are always so original and unique!

  33. Stunning! Love dupes! (And they usually end up looking even better than the originals!) 😉👍🏻❤️🌿

  34. Love how your dupe came out. Absolutely beautiful. You're so inspirational. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Have a wonderful day see you in your next video 🤗 💕💞💓💓

  35. Araceli, you did a great job! Thanks for sharing 😉

  36. I think yours looks much better! You are a very talented young lady! Thank you for sharing you talent!

  37. Beautiful I love them all, keep bringing those diys 👍thank you so much for sharing many blessings for you and your family 🙏.

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