DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Decor | Dollar Tree Christmas 2018 | Krafts by Katelyn

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Decor | Dollar Tree Christmas 2018 | Krafts by Katelyn

Awesome Hey Everyone! In this video I am using a craft idea from one of my most popular videos and recreating it for Farmhouse Christmas Decor! Hope you enjoy this Dollar Store Christmas Idea!

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Hot Glue Gun:
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Items I used in this video: (Dollar Tree)
2 Wax Warmers
2 Holiday Bouquets
2 Red Birds
1 Candlestick
Spanish Moss
Hot Glue

What I use to film

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35 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Decor | Dollar Tree Christmas 2018 | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. Looking at this in 2019! Love it! Please consider doing this craft for each season/Holiday!

  2. Both of the designs are super cute. Love them. Thanks.👍🏻❤❤❤❤

  3. Finally! A really creative Dollar Tree craft that isn't all over YouTube, though, no doubt, it will be. It must be really hard to come up with new things.

  4. Just found your channel. U are so talented. Love everything I've seen so far….

  5. I’ve noticed on your channel, as well as a few others that y’all use the Waverly Chalk paint? Is this just a real good brand? I’m getting into crafting, so I’m looking for recommendations on paints, brushes, etc. have you thought about doing a video on your staple products? Items you love, been using for a long time, maybe storage ideas you do in your craft room.

  6. so darn cute girl you inspire me so much

  7. Maybe your Black and Red ribbon around the neck of the candle stick!— love it so cute!

  8. I am so glad I found your channel! I am loving all your ideas!

  9. What an adorable Christmas craft! I’m going to Dollar Tree to see if they still have the supplies!

  10. I absolutely love this!!! I’m going to make some Christmas ones and then follow your original idea for spring ones too! Love this channel. It inspires me so much.

  11. I love the cardinal piece you did. Im going to try this. Thank you.

  12. You are so adorable and talented! Thank you for your videos!

  13. Martha Stewart in the making!!! Your artistic creativity and vision is amazing. AND your voice is soothing to listen to, happy I found your channel. 🙂

  14. I love this DIY, I re-created it yesterday. I use the regular candle warmers instead of the holiday I also added a bow around the ring.

  15. I made this diy thanks for the idea it is so super cute 😊

  16. I love them both, so adorable! 😊❄️⛄️

  17. New to your channel, love your ideas! Where do you buy the waverly chalk paint?

  18. You need to make a video on dollar tree gift ideas 🎄🎁 I love ur diys 💖

  19. I love these! I’m definitely going to do something similar to this to go above my coat rack. It has a shelf on top so this will be perfect when it’s time to decorate for Christmas. Still in fall mode here even though it decided to snow in PA today. 😭😂 oh and I know you love the little red truck decor, I was at dollar tree yesterday and I found wrapping paper with the little red truck on it! I was so excited. 😍❤️

  20. This is so cute it amazes me! I love it. I love them both, with or without the candlestick holder.

  21. Super cute, I love both of them. Thank you for sharing!!!

  22. How festive is that. Love it! Tfs

  23. That is too cute lol I'm going to try that
    Letting you know that my husband Pastor Michael Bryant has a youtube channel (fhg) look for the blue Lago thanks for subscribing

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