DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wall Decor | Fall Truck Sign | Krafts by Katelyn

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wall Decor | Fall Truck Sign | Krafts by Katelyn

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Supplies I use often:

Items Used in this video:
2 Dollar Tree Halloween Signs
Jumbo Popsicle sticks
Truck Sign (DT)
Black Stickers (Dollar General)
Chalk Paint in White, Steel, Moss, Pumpkin, Truffle
Wood Pumpkins (DT)

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47 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wall Decor | Fall Truck Sign | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. Great ideas! I feel inspired to try some! To make the words on your merry and bright sign pop a bit more maybe add some details with your sharpie paint pen

  2. So I did this project only went a little further making the bed pop out more and actually made a pocket so I can put things in the back, I’m doing it for Christmas so I wanted a 3D tree in the back. So i discovered that when I was drawing the lines that make it look like planks of wood with pencil first (cause Im a perfectionist) but when doing so I accidentally rubbed it and bam! Perfection! No harsh lines from the paint. The fact that it’s chalk paint the pencil marks smudge and blend perfectly! It looks more realistic because the line is clear but the rubbing of the pencil mark makes it look like it a real crack/seam.. try it next time it look better promise you won’t be disappointed!

  3. I am so bummed. I saw this and LOVED it! I made 4 for a craft fair and not a single one sold. I could not believe it!

  4. I just subscribed to your channel because you are amazing at what you do. Years ago I did crafts with the Girl Scouts but nothing like what you're doing now. I can't wait to find your Halloween video and see what you do with that
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  5. Wow! I love how you did the letters on your truck sign. That's genious! Tyfs!

  6. Where did you get the red house in the back. They are so cute

  7. I have watched this 3 times and last night did one of my own. I love the colors and used 2 of the $tree Beware signs and wood look scrapbook paper for the background. That made it 2ft tall and I propped it up against my fireplace. Love,love,love it!!

  8. I love it for real, But I laughed so hard at the "fap mers market" u.uU I'm a simple person. Love your channel. I just found it a few days ago and I'm watching EVERYTHING like crazy. You are amazing.

  9. That's so cute. The stems on the pumpkin's looks like eyes looking at you.

  10. Super cute!! And the transfer tape trick is GENIUS! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  11. I am hooked watching this….finally, someone who knows how to take simple and cheap materials and create a beautiful and almost expensive looking piece! Well done. Love your work!

  12. Did you use a cricut to make the words? And where did you get the transfer tape? I can't ever get my letters to go down straight without bubbles.

  13. is this Jess and Gabriel In the background music???

  14. Definitely one of my favorites too!!!

  15. Just a tip…the decorative/painted front of most these Dollar Tree signs are like wallpaper and can be peeled off fairly easily. Sand just to take off shine/glitter, soak with sponge, peel off from sides. You’ll be left with paper backing. Soak again, scrub off with abrasive sponge. Let dry and done! You’re left with what the back of the sign looks like just a tad more rough. Works for me every time!

  16. Good job! I like how you share tips to make your project more art instead of just hot gluing this to that like some people!

  17. What paint brushes do you suggest using with the chalk paint! I adore your channel!! I found you last night and now I’m going to all the DT’s in my area trying to buy all the stuff you’re using! Lol!

  18. Great idea with the blue tape

  19. Hi Katelyn! Love your Farmhouse décor! I was wondering where you get the small bottles of the Waverly Chalk Paint?

  20. How did you hang it up? I"m thinking glue won't keep the 'hanging hardware on the back and I see a crash coming…
    Mine's pretty heavy! Any ideas would be great!

  21. This is a great idea! Also the sticker letters on the parchment paper and painters tape… Genius!

  22. Oh my goodness!! Thank you SO MUCH for the stick-on lettering tip!! I STRUGGLE with getting sticker letters/numbers just right. Tried the wax paper & painter's tape and I screamed I was so happy with how quick, easy and PERFECT my lettering turned out!! Thank you again!!

  23. Vvvvv vvvvv c cig diddgc cc cc c d C cc

  24. I love all of your fall crafts! I think it's great that you use dollar tree supplies so that everyone can make them!

  25. Love love love ur Farmers Market 3D Truck !! What an inspiration and great tips…. Especially how u added the lettering !! Sage green is my fav also !!
    Thank u Katelyn !!

  26. The lettering idea with painters tapes is Brilliant!!!

  27. I absolutely love this!!! The painters tape idea is pure genius…the wall sconces that are hanging on each side of the little truck did you make those and if so is there a video to go with them???

  28. Using painters tape to transfer is brilliant!!! I never would have thought to do that! I LOVE this project. Going to have to grab a few extra trucks so I can make it with a Christmas theme too.

  29. That is beautiful. You really did an amazing job on this. Blessings to you and your family. T4S 🍁🎃 🍁

  30. The brush you used to dry brush the sign is too soft. Need a more stiff brush.
    Also, it would have been better to use black (instead of brown) for the shading of your green paint.

  31. Wow I would have never thought of parchment paper and painters tape

  32. I can't think of her name right now but I watch her everyday, but she cut the bottoms off the pumpkins to get that affect

  33. Love it! You are a great artist.

  34. Hi Katelyn, I'm new to your channel. I love how you painted the truck that color, Dana From High Ridge Mo,

  35. Beautiful! I love any project with a truck. Thanks for sharing your talents in making DT pieces fabulous in an all-new way.

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