DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Glam Decor 2018 | Dollar Tree DIY Glam Decor Ideas

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Glam Decor 2018 | Dollar Tree DIY Glam Decor Ideas

Amazing DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decor 2018 | Dollar Tree DIY Glam Decor Ideas

Hey guys! Thanks for watching! If you are looking for glam decor on a budget you are in the right place! Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see my glam dining room Dollar Tree makeover!

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26 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Glam Decor 2018 | Dollar Tree DIY Glam Decor Ideas

  1. Awesome I can’t wait to make my own all glam with a bit of pink gold and silver

  2. These are fantastic. Would luv to know where you got the white decorative christmas trees!

  3. Where did you purchase your reindeers from
    Both look gorgeous

  4. I Love your videos in decorating with Pink White and Silver

  5. انتي مبدعه
    You are creative 😊😍

  6. Love the decorations. I have to ask, where did you get your coffee table from? I just love it!

  7. I love all the DIY, where did you purchase the candleholder? The one sitting on the cocktail table.

  8. YOU HAVE BLESSED HANDS!!!! You are SOOOO gifted!!! God bless you and keep the videos coming!!!! 💕

  9. I love the coffee table , with the Rain Deer . Simply Beautiful! Happy Holidays!!

  10. God Bless you and your wonderful creations!! This was beautiful!!!


  12. Beautiful…you come up with such great ideas😻🌞

  13. I loved your channel, you do a lot of beautiful things, I'm Brazilian and it was the first time I saw your channel … Congratulations on your beautiful work.😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏

  14. I can't get enough or your great ideas. I will try the first DIY. Thanks as always. Many blessing to you and you family.

  15. This year we’re decorating with gold, rose gold and white fluff (pearls, feathers, fur) 🙂

  16. Very beautiful! Love ❤️ it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful video

  17. These arrangements are beautiful, simplistic and has that WOW factor my favorite was the white vase🌹🤗

  18. I love the mirror with the flowers and deer. The large “diamonds” are great 💖💕

  19. My colors this holiday season are purple, silver, and white.

  20. I am from India I love ur videos so much I like d mirrored candle holder…. really nicr

  21. Your decor is always so great. I love how you take something that is inexpensive and make it totally Glamorous. Your very Talented

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