Delicious Fast Food Items You Can Get For $1 Or Less

Delicious Fast Food Items You Can Get For $1 Or Less

Wonderful Even in the era of $7 lattes, cheap, quick, and greasy eats can still be found for less than $1. To help you hunt down some wallet-friendly cuisine, we’ve rounded up the tastiest fast food items you can get for $1 or less.

McDonald’s launched its Dollar Menu in 2002, but the fast-food giant was tragically forced to ditch it in 2013 when they discovered it’s mighty tough to turn a profit shelling out $1 double cheeseburgers and sundaes. But diners protested, so McDonald’s introduced a new value menu in 2018.

The value menu includes items for $1, $2, and $3, and the tastiest $1 option may very well be the McChicken. What makes this sandwich shine is the McChicken Patty, which is satisfyingly crispy and delivers a uniquely peppery kick. It comes on your basic McDonald’s bun, with shredded iceberg lettuce and a daunting amount of mayo. So much mayo, in fact, that you may want to scrape some of it off.

Taco Bell unveiled its new value menu in 2014, which includes, among other delectable dishes, the caramel apple empanada. Choosing a favorite from the Taco Bell Dollar Cravings menu is like choosing a favorite star in the sky. So why settle on the caramel apple empanada? Well, in addition to its ultra-low price point, it’s comfortingly reminiscent of apple pie, the kind that your grandma used to make when she worked at Taco Bell.

This crispy dessert features a gooey apple-and-hot-caramel interior. For best results, let the empanada cool before consuming to avoid scalding your tongue. This will only take a few minutes, but they will be the longest few minutes of your life.

Watch the video to see more delicious fast food items you can get for $1 or less.

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McDonald’s McChicken | 0:14
Taco Bell Caramel apple empanada | 1:04
Burger King Cheeseburger | 1:42
Sonic Tots | 2:39
White Castle Jalapeño cheese slider | 3:29
Wendy’s Frosty | 4:17

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35 thoughts on “Delicious Fast Food Items You Can Get For $1 Or Less

  1. What's your favorite $1 treat?

  2. I will eat at White Castle again if I ever have life threatening constipation.

  3. Bananas don’t grow on trees, they are plants…they are also berries.

  4. also, a mcchicken is nearly $3 after tax here in nyc

  5. You can add tomatoes and onions for free…. Except cheese and meat, all BK add ons or extras are free.

  6. The apple empanada has just been discontinued at Taco Bell because nobody was buying them.

  7. "So much mayo, that you might want to scrape it off" Is McDonald's paying you? Because that's the biggest lie I ever heard.

  8. Order frozen online? They sell them in grocery stores!

  9. Sonic good as hell! Still at the top my list until I start cross traveling for new places

  10. Can we just please bring back the Cajun Mc Chicken.

  11. now in youtube watch….mercy for animals commercials…

  12. lmao the mcchicken is $3.50 where I live

  13. an item that cost a dollar may be tasty, but most likely it's NOT very good for your body. Best example is the debate between the Mcdonald brothers and Ray Kroc in the Movie the Founder, which showed the debate between the founders of the McDonald brothers (quality of product) and Koch (cost saving).

  14. Is it sad that I learned absolutely nothing from this?

  15. This is crucial information. thank you.

  16. Where I live, BK cheeseburgers aren't a $1 😥

  17. Sorry to break it to you but bananas do not grow on trees. They grow on large plants, and bananas are considered berries.

  18. There ain’t much anymore. Just a “value” menu.

  19. Mchickens don’t cost 1$ anymore

  20. The McChicken in my area went up to $1.29

  21. Thanks for explaining what a banana is. I’m retarded

  22. Still not sure if they’re paid to make these videos lol

  23. Title: Delicous fast food items you can get for $1 or less
    Me as a Vietnamese : hehe boy
    Just in case you guys ask: bánh tráng trộn, bánh tráng cuốn, bánh tráng nướng, there a bunch more but i can tell them all, it would take all day

  24. When you live in Canada and this doesn’t apply to you 🙁

  25. what you can do is always get a bun with just veggies

  26. Did you seriously need to stretch this so bad that you described a banana?

  27. The only thing i get from the taco bell dollar menu is the cheesy bean burrito, since beans are probably the most nutritious thimg on the dollar menu

  28. Well youve CLEARLY never been to sydney

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