Days 1 & 2 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge – Canadian Rockies

Days 1 & 2 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge – Canadian Rockies

Awesome This episode, Greg and Zach head into the mountains to their first site and spend a lot of the first two days catching and cooking fish from the nearby lake. In order to preserve food for the long journey ahead, Greg builds a primitive bushcraft fish smoker in spite of relentless rain.

There’s only one rule for the 30 Day Survival Challenge: If you want to eat, you got to Catch and Cook it.

Greg is a self-taught survivalist from Canal Flats, British Colombia, who, since he was a boy, has read nearly every book on the topic. When he is not out in the wilderness, he is a professional dry-waller.
He started his first bow drill fire when he was thirteen and spent the next forty years learning bushcraft and studying plants and edibles. He has even developed some of his own survival techniques and is a skilled hunter with both a bow and a slingshot.

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47 thoughts on “Days 1 & 2 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge – Canadian Rockies

  1. Love it when people say im gonna survive here for a month in a place where i grew up my whole life eating off the land. Still good video

  2. Watching all of em. Both channels !

  3. Do Canadians pronounce Gondola:

    1) Gon-doe-lee-uh
    2) Gon-du-luh

  4. I'm watching every episode, really enjoying the series.

  5. I can just imagine the smell of that smoaker coat

  6. Re watching I can’t wait to go to my sisters there

  7. Yo my man keep up the good work I love the videos. Keep doing you

  8. Watching every episode!! ♥️♥️

  9. "I'm watching every episode." Nothing like smoking some fish on a cold rainy night!

  10. I’m watching every episode and I love them all!!

  11. Greg Owens: Without any actual words, "Step one to surviving a month in the Rockies. Jeans, t shirt, non-waterproof coat."
    The World: "You have no clue. You're dead."
    Greg Owens: Remains silent. Films all of day two soaked from head to toe… takes his rain-soaked jacket, hangs it over dead fishes, and smokes dead fish stink into his jacket for hours. 28 days to go. "Any questions?"

  12. I'm watching the whole series!

  13. I'm watching the entire sieres. Day 1&2 Greg's channel.

  14. Enjoyed watching day 1 and 2 with greg.

  15. By cooking your fish you are loosing basic nutrients the body needs to survive like enzymes, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and the tempering the minerals and fats

  16. You’re casting a spinning rod with 2 hands……….

  17. 30 days Challenge mean go into the woods with nothing all and come out alive in 30 days …

  18. Just looking at you i want to get a stale roll, some beef stew and a potato and have myself a campfire.

  19. Ok I'm in , I had to subscribe, after all I'm a big fan of the Big Lebowski, you have easy going interesting vibes about you, Looking forward to what else you do.

  20. Hi! Have you been both to the show Alone? You kinda look familiar.

  21. I watch and repeat every episode as often as possible.

  22. Want to wish you a Happy New Years !

  23. Enjoyed the video. I love Robert Plant!!!

  24. You don't fool me, this is a fish cultivator pond! Smoked Salmon with filter is my favorit.

  25. Very elementary dear Watson, if you eat enogh jallapenos you don't need any fire starter at all, your breath has become a flame thrower!

  26. I agree, the more friends you bring with you it is more comfortable, if you bring many enough nobody will notice if you leave the camp and go home!

  27. The water is too clear, I believed only tap water is clear, it just looks not real, artificial, I would not eat those fishes, something is wrong about that lake!

  28. A heck of a survival situation, you let the fish go! Sure you use primitive methods, you even let your legs carry you!

  29. My fantasy is seeing a grizzly from inside, and be reborn as Grizzly poop, lol! Out of body experience!
    I'm sure Krishna Murti would have approoved,

  30. Kind soul sir, that was educational.

  31. I'm watching the whole series

  32. If I plan to release fish I wet my hand first when touching them to not remove their protective slime and I use a barbless hook.

  33. Check out the road behind him while he builds the smoker

  34. the music sounds like days of the new in the beginning of the vid. that's gotta be the worst part of natural living, no tunes besides my own mediocre singing

  35. I feel like this guy has done dry wall his whole life.

  36. Im watching all and I think your awesome

  37. Somebody come get their dad

  38. Quoting Joni Mitchell. Pretty classy.

  39. I spent 10 months in northern Ontario and one of my bucket lists is to go to the Canadian Rockies just looking around in the back it's just beautiful
    Having someone around to talk to makes a huge difference not only for helping each other out for getting things done but being lonely for human interaction does come into play
    You got a new subscriber and fan and on to your next video

  40. You guys should consider going fishing with someone who knows their shit, cuz you guys really suck at it. Hard to watch. lt'd be like me going hunting with somebody who was good at it. l'm sure they'd be able to tell pretty quick l've only done it a few times.

  41. lf you should have to touch a fish, which l rarely do cuz l always have pliers, you should wet your hands! Handling them rubs their protective slime off.

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