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  1. Hi! I just finished my rules yesterday and feel better already 🙂 I can relate so much, love your videos!

  2. Thank you for sharing, love how you handled this!

  3. The Dollar Tree is my kryptonite- I know how it is! I will come out of there and be like “What did I just buy?!”…good job holding to your bottom line!

  4. You look pretty and a lot less shaky today – must be the lack of caffeine 🤣🤣.

    I wish I could buy and hoard fresh air as the smoke from the bushfires is now penetrating our homes no matter what we do…apparently we have at least 2 months of this 😮😮 to withstand until hopefully the autumn rains put the fires out.

    I did have the aircon on and that was keeping the smoke out but now the smoke is alot worse and it now comes in with the aircon, So I had to turn it off – not sure what we can do but hope for a wind change.
    We are blessed that the nearest fire is over 100km away and we live on near a huge dam.

    I can’t make any new videos as my handbag haul video sucked up 45% of my new data 🤭😳.

    But I will make a new video and upload it in a month lol.

    I am still sticking to my no buy – and my 1 in 2 out rule…which I will video and upload after I get new data in 24 days lol.

    You are doing very well and I will be watching all of your videos 😁👍.

  5. I had a really upsetting thing happen the other day and I bought two bath bombs to feel better. While I technically broke my no buy already I remained within my budget for miscellaneous expenses (supposed to be for cleaning supplies, dog food, etc lol) so I'm okay with it. I've noticed that I have so much more free time now that I'm not going out to eat or shop or looking online for sales.

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