Daniel Wins TRUST from RZ Twin to Defeat GAME MASTER! (E2 Event Date Reveal Clues Found at Meeting)

Daniel Wins TRUST from RZ Twin to Defeat GAME MASTER! (E2 Event Date Reveal Clues Found at Meeting)

Wonderful We trick RZ Twin into an E2 date reveal when our cameraman agrees to join the Quadrant.
▶ Last Game Master clues and riddles to solve:
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Rebecca Zamolo did a GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL in Real Life! (GM Rescue in 24 hours at Quadrant Headquarters), then Matt and Rebecca had a Game Master Experiment on Matt at 3am (RZ twin Hypnotized him with Quadrant Device). To win back our trust, Daniel agrees to trick RZ twin by pretending to join the Quadrant while at our safe house. We need to find out information about the hidden mystery device and the event date of E2. Rebecca and Matt convince our cameraman to call the Quadrant member and she gives him coordinates for a secret meeting. I hope the next 24 hours will convince her he wants to defeat the Game Master and work as a spy for this challenge. To keep him safe, we bring our spy gadgets and ninja gadgets and begin spying in a hidden location. When she arrives, she does a face reveal and we see her red eyes under the mask. We need him to be last to leave so our undercover disguise isn’t revealed to RZ twin. Before leaving, she tells Daniel his first mission is to trap Rebecca Zamolo. I’m not sure if he wins $10,000 like Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint for following the plan or if she’ll make me take a lie detector test, but we need to keep the GM safe and stop E2. Who do you think the next YouTuber target is from the dollhouse? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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33 thoughts on “Daniel Wins TRUST from RZ Twin to Defeat GAME MASTER! (E2 Event Date Reveal Clues Found at Meeting)

  1. rz twin yelled mind control help matt

  2. 😇😙😍😚😙😘😗👑🐕🐶🐩

  3. He should ask
    Who is the game master
    About the red hood

  4. He said they did,t wan,t you gice to now

  5. I now who the game master is Steven share he said it on on of his video make blue if you think it is true

  6. I didn't look at the comments but RZ twin said mind control

  7. If you guys watch her all the time and love her videos comment down below on my comment

  8. Yes she is the best I watch her all the time

  9. Hi Rebecca I just want to tell you that when RZ twin was running she yelled mind control

  10. Can I get a shout out my name is Tiffany

  11. rztiwn Daniel bad guys game master

  12. RZ twin yelled mine control👹🤡👿

  13. this is a bad idea rebecca i think

  14. I think that RZ twin is trying to control Daniel

  15. The rd twin said the device was for mind control

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